Sunday, 28 August 2011

Boots Deal Maxi Cosi Axiss

I've always been a fan of this car seat ever since I saw a heavily pregnant women easily strap her large toddler into it after baby ballet. The seat itself twists round so when you open the car door to put your child in you don't have to strain your back getting them in the right position. This is particularly useful if you have a child prone to back arching and protesting!

I'm starting to look round for group 1 car seats for Son 2 and have found this deal at Boots.  Now first of all it starts at £160 which is pretty competitive (though it is this price on Amazon too Maxi-Cosi Axiss Group 1 Car Seat (Black Reflection))
 This is the black version (hides stains).  It gets 5 out of 5 on all the reviews and I just love the idea of a twisting car seat, bearing in mind I have giant children who weigh a ton and are not overly keen to walk.

Anyway, the reason this is such a good deal at boots is because you get 3840 points, that's £38.40 off the price effectively.  There was also a 10% off code around the other day but it's expired, hopefully there will be another one soon.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

H and M Autumn stuff...

I've been having a good look at the H&M stuff this Autumn after I got some great summer dresses from there at a fab price.Usually my rule of thumb on H&M is that I never get anything in winter as I don't think the fabric they use is up to much. I also find their jumpers etc bobble easily and just don't last beyond one wash.

Having said I think anything from there made from the jersey fabric is worth looking at.  My picks for Autumn are:  I like this it actually reminds me of some of the stuff in Isabella Oliver. Would look great over tights or leggings and long boots (pic above £12.99).

I also like this jersey flared dress especially in petrol (£9.99). Here is a pic(above).  I see myself wearing this with perhaps dark red tights and boots.  I like the idea of teaming it with this cardi in dark red  (£12.99)

The best bit is that H&M are doing two discount codes at the moment:- 25% off is 9382 and £5 off is 1304. You can use both codes together. Delivery is £3.90.

Friday, 26 August 2011


The lovely people at Isabella Oliver very kindly sent me a gorgeous nursing top to review!

I first became aware of Isabella Oliver during my first pregnancy when another lady at my NCT group wore a beautiful white portrait top.  I became instantly envious but didn't feel there was enough time left to go to warrant buying the top.  As soon as I was pregnant again I immediate bought the self same portrait top which now lies in its box with tissue wrapping in a sacred place in my bedroom.  I felt lovely wearing it when I was pregnant although tried to save it for special occasions. Now I am nursing I've realised I can still wear the portrait top as it has nursing accessibility.
I was thrilled to see that Isabella Oliver also do nursing tops and immediately treated myself to the Olivia nursing top. I wear it over leggings and jeans, it is great for feeding in public as it is very discreet and allows easy access for baby with maximum coverage.

Anyway, back to my review, I was sent the Izzy top in "ocean" as seen in the picture above.  When I opened the box I felt like it was my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. IO certainly package their clothes in a very lovely way, it really makes you feel like you are receiving a treat.  The top itself is made from a lovely cool material which is perfect for summer, or would look lovely under a cardy in colder weather. I actually think the top would work during pregnancy as the fabric is quite stretchy.  I wear the top over (optimistically worn) skinny jeans but I think it would work over any trousers.  The colour of the top is quite lovely and really suits pale skin tones (like mine!). The neckline is cut really nicely too and looks really flattering, especially for those with a pear shape figure as the wide top provides balance. 

Here is a  picture of me feeding in the top:

It is really easy for my baby to feed as the top has a special internal vest which sits either side of your breast.  It also looks really discreet as there is no large area of skin exposed.  I made a little video showing how the internal vest works (sorry it's sideways!)

Unlike other nursing tops this doesn't actually look like a nursing top.  I could easily wear it when I have finished feeding and feel very chic in it.  Here is a picture of me wearing it without baby!

As you can see the colour is really stunning and it falls really nicely.

The only slight problem was that I possibly should have gone a size up as perhaps a size 2 was a tad optimistic! The elastic under the bust sometimes needs to be pulled down, but I don't think this is a problem with the design but is down to me wearing the wrong size.

I'm really glad I discovered Isabella Oliver, a good reason to have another baby!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

This week!

I gave in to my desires and ordered a Pink Lining Bottom of the Garden bag in peppermint. It is beautiful. Sometimes I can’t believe I get so excited about baby products when a few years ago I couldn’t have cared less. The sale continues at Pink Lining though don’t forget Mummy and Little Me will price match.
I was also lucky enough to be given a Mamascarf to try out this week.  I’ve been having quite a few problems getting my baby to “stay on” when feeding  due to various distractions (mainly my 3 year old singing very loudly). I’ve found the Mamascarf to be very useful and am looking forward to trying it out on my holiday to France.  My baby actually stays on  when I use this and has a proper feed! I am ecstatic. Anyway here is a picture of me using the scarf.
If you like the sound of this, go to and use the code KEIRA01 for 10% off until 20th August.
Isabella Oliver now have 70% off some items including the cap sleeve wrap top at £20.70.
My baby is teething and I can no longer wear a necklace for fear of strangulation.  I was thrilled to find this product on facebook, it is called Teething Bling and is jewellery that your baby can safely chew, genius!  Lynne, who runs Teething Bling UK is actually from Bingley as well. This is my favourite piece which is £10 plus £2.50 postage.  Use discount code EA001 for 10% off.
The time is coming for me to wean! You can’t go wrong with Annabel Karmel and I noticed this book on special offer Top 100 Meals in Minutes: All New Quick and Easy Meals for Babies and Toddlers – was £9.99 now £4.99.
On the subject of weaning, someone at a recent baby group recommended this book:
River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook – was £14.99 now £8.29.

Everyone knows toilet training is hell. I feel like I am always dealing with wees and poos these days and trying to pour a potty into a toilet while holding a baby and pulling up a pair of pants all at the same time is trying. I like the idea of this product Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty (White).  It just looks really easy to use and more comfortable than cheaper potties. It isn’t on special offer as such at £9.73 but has great reviews and is probably worth investing in. Looks a bit more hygienic as well as the bit you pour out doesn’t touch where your child sits if you know what I mean.
That’s all for now!


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