Sunday, 28 August 2011

Boots Deal Maxi Cosi Axiss

I've always been a fan of this car seat ever since I saw a heavily pregnant women easily strap her large toddler into it after baby ballet. The seat itself twists round so when you open the car door to put your child in you don't have to strain your back getting them in the right position. This is particularly useful if you have a child prone to back arching and protesting!

I'm starting to look round for group 1 car seats for Son 2 and have found this deal at Boots.  Now first of all it starts at £160 which is pretty competitive (though it is this price on Amazon too Maxi-Cosi Axiss Group 1 Car Seat (Black Reflection))
 This is the black version (hides stains).  It gets 5 out of 5 on all the reviews and I just love the idea of a twisting car seat, bearing in mind I have giant children who weigh a ton and are not overly keen to walk.

Anyway, the reason this is such a good deal at boots is because you get 3840 points, that's £38.40 off the price effectively.  There was also a 10% off code around the other day but it's expired, hopefully there will be another one soon.


  1. thanks for this post we are looking to get a bigger carseat soon and i like the sound off this one!

  2. Thanks! There are loads of offers at Boots at the moment, I'm going to have a look to see what other deals they have.


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