Friday, 16 September 2011

Bickiepegs Doidy Cup

For some time now I have been trying to persuade my 6 month old son that there are other means of nutrition aside from me! In short I have been trying to get him onto a bottle, in fact I have been trying to give him a bottle ever since he was born, just one a day to settle him in the evening. However it has all come to nothing,  I have every single bottle or cup on the market and not one of them has worked! I have tried every single brand of formula too to no avail.  However there is one item he will drink out of, albeit messily. That is the Doidy Cup by Bickiepegs (now £3.49)

I first started using this cup with my older son when he started drinking from open cups. He found it very easy to drink out of and I gradually weaned him from this cup onto any open cup. The staff at his nursery commented how adept he was at drinking from an open cup from quite a young age. What this basically means for you as a parent is less mess and spillage from a younger age. My only criticism is that he finds the handles a bit tricky to hold as they are quite thin and not easy to grasp for young hands.

So now I am going to give it a go with my younger child, using expressed milk or formula.  I am expecting mess and avoidance but I am willing to try anything at this stage: next week is my birthday and I really really want to go out for the evening and not have to be worrying the whole time that he will be hungry and screaming! I am also going back to work soon and will not be able to demand feed like I do at the moment, I'm afraid little man that your Mummy feeding days are nearly over!


  1. The quickest and easiest way to get a baby using a cup and/or bottle is to trick him (an HV gave me this hint 16 years ago with my first and it's worked with all 6 of mine!) Keep a piece of cloth inside your nursing bra so it absorbs your scent then attach this bit of cloth securely to the bottle or cup. Baby will know it's not you but your scent will calm him...honestly, sounds odd but it works and it also works if he's not sleeping well too

  2. I'll try, I'm willing to try anything! He will only sleep on me too and has slept on me every night since he was born. I am so tired!!


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