Friday, 23 September 2011

Dippy Designs Plaque

I first became aware of the wonderful products of Dippy Designs by Diane a year or so ago when I was looking for a unique Christening pressie. I had a look on ebay as I knew I wanted a door plaque and this ebay shop really stood out! Anyway I ended up buying a gorgeous door plaque for the daughter of one of my friends whose house is very "shabby chic".  This plaque fit in exactly with the decor of her house and looked great hung on the bedroom door. I then bought a "new home" plaque in a very similar style for my brother in law. He said he loves it and it sits in pride of place on his mantelpiece.

Anyway I was lucky enough to be sent a personalised plaque for my two boys.  Here is the finished product!

The picture really doesn't do it justice! I must add that I didn't send a picture of either of the boys but Diane somehow managed to capture them perfectly.  Diane has also added some glitter to the teddy bear which hasn't come out on the picture but it looks really cute.  At the moment the plaque has pride of place in our lounge hung from the mantelpiece where we normally hang Christmas stockings, but I think it would probably look better on a door.  On the back of the plaque is a space where, if you require, you can get a message written in "artistic" handwriting, e.g. on the occasion of your Christening/Wedding etc. There are lots of different styles and designs to choose from and Diane is very accommodating. Each plaque is unique as it is handmade, here is the information from Diane's ebay shop:

Unique Dippy Designs Plaques Features

  • Interesting plaque shapes
  • Good sized detailed figures  - average 5-6cm for adults
  • Pretty ribbon hangers
  • Plenty of detail eg hairstyles, wedding outfits etc 
  • Tasteful understated floral/heart/star decoration all hand made from fimo 
  • Stitching effect around edges of plaque

There are lots of other options too, these plaques are not just for babies and children. Here are some other items I like:-

A wedding plaque to have as a keepsake.
A trinket box, good idea for a first birthday present or Christening present.

And a slightly different style of door plaque for a child's bedroom door. 

When purchasing an item the following information is needed:

1.     Total number of characters required   - two come with the wedding plaque - please order extras  as required
2.   shape required –  heart (max 2 adults only),  house , shield , tree  or rectangle
3.      required wording at top/bottom
4.      names and brief descriptions of all people (remember hair length,  colour,  style, fringes, glasses, moustaches, beards etc and ages for children).  All facial features are in black/red due to special pen used
5.      any specific requirements regarding layout/decoration/colours etc. (Be aware that due to shape and size of plaques there may be some restrictions on layout  of characters).  
Thoroughly recommended! Prices start at around £11 including postage and packaging.
Here are a couple more of the designs I like:

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