Saturday, 3 September 2011


Today I took my three boys (one being hubby) to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Normally I shy away from art galleries as they have a sort of hushed tone which seems to give my three year old ideas about running amok.  He does the same thing in the local library, he says, "libraries give me naughty thoughts".  Anyway I really enjoyed myself. There is a car park next to it which has plenty of spaces (although charged £3 parking, so much for it being free!) and we were greeted on entry by a very helpful staff member who told us about the activities they were running for children. I actually thought the staff were pretty fantastic and humoured my boy endlessly when all he wanted to do was cut straws in half with a pair of scissors rather than take part in making his own sculpture!

We had lunch in the cafe which I thought was a little expensive for what it was but it was a cafe in an art gallery so there you are!  There is a lovely shop there which sells some great art type stuff for kids which I have never seen in the shops. I spotted a book by Herve Tullet called World of Mirrors
which is a book I have never seen before although we do have a couple of Herve Tullet books. The book itself is quite "profound" and I couldn't help but buy it (on Amazon of course!). There were lots of other great stuff like jewellery too which I thought was very reasonably priced to say it was "arty" stuff (about £40 for a necklace).

The exhibitions were very calming (which I needed after a night of no sleep) and I loved the huge windows which had great views over the canal and surrounding areas.  My son particularly enjoyed standing in the windows and looking out.  Best of all outside there was a fantastic play area, here are some pictures:

It was perfect for kids although surprisingly there were hardly any other children there.  Recommend!

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