Sunday, 23 October 2011

Children and Weddings

This weekend I went to a wedding. It is always lovely to be invited to a wedding, and of course I love an opportunity to get dressed up.  It was also the first time I have had something altered to work in a different way. In this case I took a long Coast bridesmaid type skirt to an alteration shop and had it made into a knee length skirt. It looked lovely with a Coast bustier and a sash round my waist which was once a bridesmaid sash.  But this was the first time I have been to a wedding with two children, in short it was hard work. Son 1 has never really entered a church before so had no idea you are supposed to keep your voice down. During the bit of the service where you are meant to speak out or forever hold your peace I offered him a lolly pop which might seem a bit infra dig but the alternative does not bear thinking about! Son 2 of course started screaming as soon as the service started so I watched most of it through the glass in the side chapel.

Once we got to the hotel Son 1 started acting up and refused to be in any photos. I kept having a quiet word in his ear and miraculously he would tow the line, it might have looked like I was giving him a stern talking to. In reality I was bribing him with sweets.

During the meal by some miracle Son 2 was asleep in his pushchair and Son 1 was given a colouring book which was a godsend as it kept him sitting at the table for a while.  However during the speeches he started shouting, "I am a dog! Woof Woof!" I felt my stress levels rising!

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