Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Do It Yourself Nail Wraps!

A few months ago, before I went on holiday, I decided to invest in a set of Minx nails for my toes. I had it done in a salon, it took about an hour and cost me £20. I must say included in this was a sort of mini pedicure, cup of tea, and a nice chat with the nail technician.

However, I was pretty excited to see in Boots,

that Nails Inc Nail Wraps can be bought in store and applied yourself for a fraction of the cost! These cost me about £7.95 in Boots and I have used them twice already. It takes me about 15 minutes each time and they last a couple of weeks if you apply them properly. All you need to apply them is a hair dryer or some other means of heating the wraps until they go bendy. Then you stick them on your nail, press them on, heat them some more hey presto! After a few gos they look really good and I'm pretty sure no-one could tell they weren't Minx ones.

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