Monday, 10 October 2011


I mentioned to one of my yummy mummy friends the other day that we were going to be staying at the Sands Resort, she clearly thought I meant somewhere in the Caribbean but no, I was in fact referring to our very own, Scarborough!
The Sands

I never used to like Scarborough as every time I went there as a child, it rained. We went a few years ago as a family with my brother and parents and as the weather was great, we really enjoyed it. I also like the steam train that runs from

Pickering to Goatlands (where Heart Beat is filmed don't you know!) which is quite nearby.

Anyway, the apartment was fantastic, truly 5* with gorgeous en-suite and sea views from the terrace. They even put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge to get the party started!  Scarborough is  definitely a place for kids with tacky amusement arcades, donkey rides, surfing, fish and chips, dodgem rides, candy floss and sticks of rock.

However there are also nice restaurants and trendy bars for the evening, if you take along the grandparents to babysit that is.  In terms of things to do there is a Sea Life Centre

and of course Peasholm park which has a random Chinese theme. We went on the dragon pedelos (£5) which my son loved.

It was pretty wet and windy but I did really enjoy it, particularly my Yorkshire afternoon tea with a glass of kir royale (champagne not sparkling wine!).

The Sands Resort was £199 for two nights with car parking space.

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