Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The boy with the beautiful voice....

I think all parents must think their child is a genius of some sort or another. I have met a lot of parents over the years and it is easy to see those with large egos - those are the ones whose child can do no wrong (even when hitting other children over the head with a postman pat cow!), they see their child as an extension of their perfect self. They wax lyrical over the perfect babyhood, wonderful sleeping habits, make a fuss over the slightest sniffle.  These are the parents who seem to think their child is in some way more entitled than other children. Sigh.

Anyway, I am just as bad, as I am convinced my oldest son is some sort of child prodigy in the singing department.  It isn't just that he can hold or a tune, or that he loves music, it is the lovely tone of his voice, it is angelic! He especially loves music from "the shows" - Les Miserables is one of his favourites along with more child friendly ones like Lion King.  I got a letter from his school the other day about a stage school local to us where they can attend from 3 years old with "affordable fees" (it is an after school type thing). Now my last venture into the performing arts with him failed miserably. Indeed I think it was a relief to all (including the other children) when I eventually removed him from his ballet lessons.  So I'm wondering whether I should pursue this or not, he could have total tantrum style meltdown upon entering, or could love it and it could change his life. He recently started swimming lessons during which I spend my whole time hoping he will not call the teacher "poo poo head" again.

I definitely don't want to be one of those parents who live out their own dreams through their children. As a child I was always out and about doing something, ballet, horseriding, brownies, swimming, recorder club, orchestra, guitar lessons, flute lessons, piano lessons, various other dance classes. I was completely exhausted all the time! But doing all those things also gave me confidence and a large circle of friends. Where is that letter again....


  1. I want to be treated to a rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" next time I visit!

  2. He likes the Susan Boyle version, he gets especially excited when it gets to the bit where she shakes her head, he says, "I like this bit".

  3. Ahh, the 'poo-poo head' stage...I remember it well...at least to most adults on the receiving end it's quite amusing :)

  4. Ha ha! The word "poo" has taught him the concept of rhyming - I did a poo in my shoe for you.


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