Tuesday, 1 November 2011

More Budget Wedding Ideas!

So I've been having a bit of a think about budget wedding ideas. Most of my ideas seem to be based around buying stuff from ebay. Before I used ebay regularly, I used to think it was only buying stuff second hand. Now I realise there are various "shops" on ebay where you can get new stuff.

  • Pashina as a cover for bridesmaids- recently I bought a lovely gold pashmina for £10 from ebay. It is cashmere and beautiful. Supposedly it was a "second" but I can honestly say there is nothing at all wrong with it. Anyway the shop is called Pashmina Paradise
  • Presents for bridesmaids - it is always nice to buy something for your bridesmaids that they can wear on the day. I actually bought myself some pearl earrings from ebay the other day (not second hand obviously) for a couple of pounds. I figured that in trendy jewellers pearl earrings are about £20 so they must be quite cheap from source, I was right.Anyway I bought these ones 
  • 785 I am wearing them now, have had no itching or discolouring and think they look lovely! Pop them in a nice box, they make a perfect gift.
  • Alternatively you can get a champagne glass handpainted like these ones here which work out at about £11. There are loads of different shops on ebay doing these so is worth having a look and getting the right one.   

  • For father of the bride and groom, I love cufflinks. These can also be bought for the best man and ushers.  There are loads on ebay, but these are the ones I like (no p&p cost) for £7.99. They are just like the ones I got my dad, but they were £20. (can't get the picture to come up on these sorry!)
  • Tiara - I'm not really a veil girl, I consider them old fashioned and also a little irrelevant bearing in mind most couples have lived together for years before tying the knot! But I do love tiaras. Get a hand made one rather than buying one - I had mine made from scratch to match my dress and it looked great and was just mine. This is one thing I wouldn't buy second hand as I think they are pretty cheap new anyway. I've just had a look online but there are so many I can't choose. I used Linzi Jay and the tiara was beautiful.  
Makes me wish I could get married all over again! Minus the cost of course.

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