Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Awesome Photo

I remember in the old days, I had loads and loads of photo albums in my bookcase. As a child I loved looking at photos of my friends and family enjoying themselves and smiling. The magic of all that has kind of been lost in this digital age. No-one seems to have the space or the inclination to keep loads of photos lying around like we used to. It's better now really, much more cost effective, no more wasted shots of your thumb or someone with their head cropped off.

Now we have children, we have simply thousands and thousands of photos on our laptop. We keep meaning to back them up or something, we really should do that in fact. I would be devastated if we lost any of those precious pictures of our children, as there are very few we have printed out.

I was looking at Sticky Fingers blog today and have decided to add a picture to the gallery. This week's theme is "My Awesome Photo". So the idea is that you submit a photo that you took which literally made you gasp because it was so good. Now, we don't have a great camera, but just through sheer luck I have taken quite a few pictures which took my breath away, but mainly because they captured something special that only I would see.

Anyway here is my special shot of our special boy with his beautiful blue eyes, on a special holiday in France two summers ago.  Son 1 was just learning to walk and talk and it was so blissful being on holiday in a cottage in the middle of a meadow. He learned so many new words like Pear and Apple and Cow and Digger.  What a wonderful memory that is now.

But I found another picture that I love too....this was the day I congratulated myself for choosing and marrying the right man....

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  1. An age in which my stepsons aged 2&4 can operate the photo album on my iPhone and scroll at will even recognising the difference between pics and films. Waaaah, bring back sepia prints! Lovely pics btw x


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