Thursday, 19 January 2012

PK Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Review

I feel as if I am always in my local Home Bargains looking for toiletries these days. It is so much cheaper than anywhere else! However, the one thing it is not so great at stocking is truly natural baby and kids bath products. In fact in my opinion, none of the high street stores do well on this score. The best I have found is in Waitrose but they always seem to be very pricey.  I was very lucky therefore to be sent a PK Baby Shampoo and Body Wash a few weeks ago to review on my blog courtesy of

Brand NEW PK Baby is an ultra mild shampoo and body wash for daily use. Created specifically for infants and children, its easy rinse formula contains Chamomile extract to soothe the scalp and Amaranth protein to gently moisturize both the skin and hair. PK baby is colourless, has a non-allergenic fragrance and is paraben, SLS & SLES free.
I was really thrilled when it arrived and surprised at how large the bottle was. The packaging is lovely and very "high end". Now to put it to the test! Both my sons have quite sensitive skin and always come out in a rash with products that contain nasties. I was pleased to see that this product doesn't contain any of those and the ingredients all look very kind and friendly.

Firstly the packaging seems to appeal to Son 2 as he keeps wanting to eat it! He must think it is food from the lovely smell....

The bodywash itself lathers really well, more than I would expect from something that doesn't contain any of those nasty ingredients that cause soaps to do that. I would say a little goes a long way.

The smell is really nice and it definitely has a luxurious feel to it. After using it there was absolutely no rash or redness on my son's skin which is a good sign! I also used it to wash his hair and he didn't seem to mind whereas he usually kicks up a bit of a fuss.  It has a nice glistening effect on the skin which must be the good quality ingredients of the product. I also used it as a sort of bubble bath which seemed to work well although it didn't bubble as much as other products which is probably a good sign.

All in all I love the product! The only negative I would say is the cost at £18 a bottle, however it is quite a large bottle so does last a long time. It might work best as a gift to a new mum/baby.


  1. Oh what adorable photo's! x

    1. Thanks! Believe me it was not easy trying to get him to sit still!;)


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