Sunday, 1 January 2012

Top Pictures of 2011...

Last year (sounds strange to call it that!) was an amazing, tiring, stressful and wondering year for the Bargain family.  We were lucky enough to have a new addition to our family when Son 2 was born after thinking for a long time we would never have another child.  Giving birth to him naturally was the most amazing thing I have ever done and the thing I am most proud of doing.  After a 36 hour labour I popped him out with no help from anyone, not even gas and air.  I can't say it wasn't painful (it was, very) but I felt utterly elated and never knew it could be like that.  I was the first person to hold him and he latched on immediately. Everything was perfect, and although feeding him "myself" wasn't easy, I stuck with it until just a few weeks ago when he was nearly ten months.  At the beginning, there were times when I thought I wouldn't get through three weeks of feeding but it does gradually get easier, and I think I have finally exorcised my demons about not exclusively feeding Son 1 without the help of formula. Here is a lovely clip of him just minutes after he was born...

In July hubby got a great new job with FREE parking (big consideration!) and although it's a bigger commute, he is so much happier and that makes all of us happier. We had a lovely holiday in the South of France AND Center Parcs.

AND I started writing this blog....I never thought I would have so many great responses and take so much pleasure from writing it. 

Anyway, enough blathering from me, here are some pics of our amazing year....

A few minutes old in the same outfit Son 1 wore when he was born
Son 1 meets Son 2!
Cute cousins breaking our spare bed
The first Halloween experience!
Thankfully they get on really well...
First day at school for Son 1

Son 2 on his first photo shoot


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