Sunday, 1 January 2012

Xpresso 2 Go Ceramic Travel Mug Review

Everyone knows men are impossible to buy presents for. I always think it must be so easy for men to buy for their wives/girlfriends, jewellery, high end cosmetics and handbags all go down well and require no thought at all.  Anyway with that in mind, I was pretty happy to be approached by ideasbynet to test out one of their stocking fillers on my willing husband! We usually set a £50 spend limit on each other so I try to get 5 gifts worth around £10 (a book, a CD, CK undies, port glasses and a bottle of port) but this year he had an extra gift, a lovely ceramic travel mug!  This is the info from ideasbynet :
"Coffee shop paper cups are great, but as coffee drinkers know, leaky lids, wobbly paper, sticky spills and scolded fingers can be a bit maddening. We introduce the Xpresso 2 Go Travel Mug, a practical and eco friendly alternative to paper cups. The Xpresso 2 Go is a reusable double walled thermal ceramic mug with a re-sealable, reduced spill, silicone lid. It makes even the best coffee taste better…and if you use it at Starbucks they’ll even charge you less for your drink!"

I love the idea of it being eco friendly by saving on getting a plastic cup each time you get a takeout, but I suppose that relies upon you remembering to take it with you when you go out for a coffee. Luckily hubby has a Starbucks at his work so he could take this to get his daily latte and be green AND save money on his drink (appealed to me for obvious reasons!).

Our main worry was that it would leak if tipped as the lid feels very rubbery and upon first glance I was not convinced it would stand up to the tip test. However as you can see from this short clip it did not leak (apart from through the spout as you would expect!)  erm please excuse the messy kitchen.

The other worry was that the mug would feel scalding hot to touch but as you can see from these pics it was fine (prob due to the ceramic-ness of the mug).

All in all hubby was very pleased with his present and says he is going to take it to work with him to use for his daily coffee. He also likes the ceramic feel of the mug which makes it feel more like a "proper" drink rather than drinking from a plastic cup.

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