Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Calling all Mums! (and Dads)...

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a rant (Guilt of a Working Mummy) about being generally fed up and annoyed with how hard it is to be a working mum in this country. I wasn't the only one, over at things were heating up and there was a lot of general, "yes why is it so hard?" sort of talk going on.

There are basically two choices: - work no or reduced hours and have no money. OR work all the hours god sends to pay for childcare, and still have no money at the end of it.

Childcare MUST become more affordable, jobs MUST become more flexible and part time positions should be as well paid (pro rata obviously) with the same career prospects as full time positions.

With this in mind, and I are starting a meme tomorrow about this very issue - our first! So please return tomorrow to join in and let's start a Mummy revolution!

Anyway, I will leave you with a picture of someone I know, a mother of two children, on her usual train home.


  1. This is the dilemma I'm stuck with - I can't afford not to work, but I can't afford to work either. As I'll be poor regardless I figure I'm as well at home.

  2. Exactly!! But if the government got its act together and sorted out affordable childcare they could have all the lovely tax you would pay if you could "afford" to work!

  3. I agree, I've just had my second child and gone back to work on reduced hours, yet my childcare costs are £200.00 per week!! I've worked since I was 16 and never claimed benefits but still feel as though I'm being penalised for going to work!!

  4. £200! Am I the only one who also feels they are doing reduced hours yet still being expected to do the same as full time staff yet on reduced money!

  5. And we're off... here's to the meme going large tomorrow!

  6. Just had this post from my cousin:

    I've been trying to pop this on that blog post about 'having it all' (the worlds biggest myth). Anyhow, here's my take on it, please feel free to post this bit without crediting it to me!! How does she have it all? I'm nanny to an outwardly perfect, inwardly cold family who 'have it all' on the surface but in my eyes are missing all the best parts of being a parent and in the process they are paying me to enjoy time with their kids while they work ridiculous hours for huge amounts of money. They think they are winning in terms of sending kids to private school, 10 year mortgage etc but really in years to come children will recognise parental investment over financial. I should probably start a blog on my insight to the 'have it all' family, hells bells, would probably make some of those that 'only' work part time (Aaaargh, hate the emphasis people put on 'only' like as if the rest of the time you spend lunching/sleeping/being fed grapes by servants) pretty smug that whilst they might not be drawing the hugest wage they are raising their family in a way that at least keeps them connected with their small peeps! Good luck ladies, I have nothing but respect for you!

    Anyways, hang in there cuz, they will thank you when they are older (probably/hopefully/not till they are in their 30's). I genuinely have no idea how my mother has not been sectioned over the years, it's only when you have kids (or in my case my 'charges' and step kids) that I've realised my mother is some kind of superhero!


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