Saturday, 25 February 2012

I've gone and done it!

Well, after much deliberation I've finally gone and done it....I've changed the name of my blog and actually bought a domain name (don't worry Hubby it cost $7).  So in about three days time you will be redirected to PRET-A-MUMMY! I've been thinking about a new name for some time, something that encapsulates me and my writing.  I like Pret-A-Mummy for a few reasons: it suggests an interest in fashion, which I definitely have. I'm not really interested in London Fashion Week type stuff, more stuff that as a Mum I can wear, be comfortable in and look vaguely sophisticated (at a baby group). I also like the use of the word "Pret" - meaning ready. As Mums we always have to be ready - ready to mummy!  I do everything at breakneck speed before the screaming being a ready mummy reduces the stress (and heartburn).

Another thing I'm really interested in is cooking for my family and friends. I will only cook things that take up to ten minutes to prepare as the aforementioned screaming prevents any longer. So part of being Pret-A-Mummy is being ready to cook, such an integral part of motherhood.

So there you have it - fashion, mummy stuff, and cooking! And all three combined.

Please come and support me as I emerge from my cocoon....I need a bit of hand holding!


  1. Love it, well done ready to mummy! Nothing I cook takes 10 minutes so looking forward to reading your recipes.

  2. Glad you found a name you like :) I have just signed up to your email subscriptions and it all seemed to work just fine x give me a shout if you would like any other help (although i'm not self hosted on my blog i have made and hosted websites for other things :) x

  3. Thanks so much! Has anything come through to your inbox yet though apart from the verification thing?

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