Friday, 10 February 2012

Lovely versatile H&M Dress only £14.99!!

I have a new favourite's called Bargainista Fashionista. It's a blog about fashion bargains, and I am TOTALLY addicted. I can't actually afford to buy any of the things (yet!) recommended on this blog, even though some of them are utterly bargainous. The photography is also beautiful and vibrant, I love it.

Anyway, on the recommendation of Bargainista Fashionista I saw the most beautiful jumper in Urban Outfitters (which is a place I never thought I would look at!) for £10 was £48. It is called Cooperative strawberry yoke pullover

Full credit to Bargainista Fashionista - her post is here.
 Alright, I admit it, I bought it! Happy? Yes it's handwash only, yes it contains no wool, but I love it and I don't feels lovely to the touch. I am going to wear it with skinny jeans, it is absolutely adorable...what more can I say?

 Anyway on this note I wanted to showcase a lovely lovely dress in H&M at the moment at only £14.99. I love it because it looks like the sort of thing you could wear anywhere and look really styling. Plus it looks expensive, when it isn't, sure fire winner in my opinion. Anyway, after all that, here it is

There are other colours but I don't see why you would want a different one...I see myself wearing it over a black polo neck and black tights/boots in the day. In the evening I envisage lots of chunky silver bangles and high heels (this is a fantasy, I never go out in the evening). BEST of all I have a £5 code for H&M which is 1304.


  1. I'm weeping that I missed the urban outfitters top in my size, waaaaaaaaah. The h&m dress however has persuaded me to ignore my usual 60's shift (for which i am a slave) and go off in hunt of this dress at my nearest h&m to try on! Cheers! X

    1. I know! I was ecstatic when it came, though medium was a bit snug, glad I didn't order small.

      I think I am going to order this one online, I can never find what I want instore. The dresses are very reasonable, wearable and cute!

  2. Oh I'm gutted to have missed the Urban Outfitters jumper too!

  3. I'll wear it on Thursday so you can see what you missed Janey! You would defo love bargainistafashionista!


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