Friday, 24 February 2012

My blog needs a new name...

When I first started my blog, I really had no understanding of blogging. I was selfish about it, I didn't look at other people's blogs, I didn't get it, I thought it was all about me. Now I know the best part of blogging is other bloggers. I've "met" some great minds, inspirational writers and all round good eggs through the blogosphere who seem to know where I'm coming from and feel the same way about a lot of things.

Now I'm a bit more established, I want to change the name of my blog. I don't like the name, it makes me sound like someone who scrabbles on the floor for 1p pieces, the reality is quite different. In fact, in honesty I'm a bit of a snob  person who has high standards. I like luxury items and 5 star hotels, I can't help it!
I love fashion, cooking and saving money in a sensible way (so I can spend it on myself of course), but I'm not a person who shops in charity shops and pound shops, I can't stand the queues anyway.

So I'm looking for a new blog name, and I'm looking to buy a domain name! Big step for me, but will I lose my (two) readers! Well I suppose I can just tell me mum and friend Emma that I've changed the name.

Any ideas?


  1. After what you have said about liking the best things in life (and who doesn't) I would call your blog 'Only the Best'


    Had the same problem when I changed mine and I ended up with boring old 'Our home in the sun' which I can never remember and I really wish I had called it something different but there we go..

    Take some time and thin about it carefully, especially if you are buying a domain as well.

    Lou :-)

  2. I am a complete novice so I know I don't have any authority on the subject of blogs...but
    If you are a 'Mummy' blogger do you have to have 'Mummy' in your blog title? I think I am a 'Mummmy' blogger but I am a 'CityGirlAtHeart' because that is what is important to me. If fashion and food are important to you (me too BTW although I LOVE charity shops) Then how about 'Diamonds and Pearls' or 'Peaches and Cream'

  3. I don't think your blog title makes you sound like the sort that grapples for 1p! Best advice is keep it simple and reflective, why not get a piece of paper and write down loads of words that spring to mind that describe you and things you like etc. You should have a page full and pick some out and play around with them! P.s I personally think the pound shop is great value and I love 5* Hotels too!x

  4. I sound like a right so and so sorry! I don't go to charity shops as I can never fit my pushchair in but I completely love the idea of getting bargainous things, in my local scope the other day they had a chanel bag!

  5. Have you been to 100 yen shops in Japan? They are amazing!

  6. I like the name of your blog, but I do understand. I shortened mine as I think it is now more memorable but there are so many blogs, it is hard to find something original. Make sure you are completely happy before you buy the domain.

  7. if your not happy with your name then it is wise to have a rethink before you buy a domain name, as for what would be a good one errrmmm i'm not sure, the others suggestions are good, jot down all the things you love and see which jump out at you, you certainly don't need mum or mummy in you name, but you can have it if you want, its a personal thing so whatever you feel comfortable with go with :) x

  8. Go for it, don't have any ideas for you as its hard not knowing someone personally. I got the domain names for mine. Why don't you try out a few names to see if they have been nabbed already, some of the ones I chose originally had already gone.

  9. I've done it! I've chosen pret-a-mummy! I'm so glad it hasn't gone. Thanks for all your words. I feel a strange sense of relief and elation (very strange, think I've had too many g&ts).

  10. Just came over as was wondering who this Pret-A-Mummy impostor was muscling in on our meme!!! LOVE the new name - had meant to make a suggestion yesterday (not that I actually thought of anything) but you've done it!


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