Sunday, 19 February 2012

What I wore today! Oasis polka dot top.

In my younger days I used to spend ALL my money on clothes. Then when I went to Japan for a year in 2002 my mum decided to have a good old clear out in my absence. She threw literally everything away, I was heartbroken. In truth the clothes were probably pretty much worn out and done for, but it was still a cruel blow.   For quite a while after that, I kind of lost interest in clothes and what I wore, in fact while I was pregnant, I didn't see the point in even thinking about trying to look good.

However since entering my 33rd year, I've had a bit of a change of heart. I have made a conscious decision to try and look a bit cooler and make more effort. I will no longer just throw on clothes in the morning like I used to. However being a bargain mummy, I'm going to look closely at the clothes I've already got and try to rejig them to create some new looks. This is what I wore today...

Oasis blouse, H&M skirt and M&S cardy.
I'm not saying I look wonderful, just that I'm trying! Anyway, I am wearing 1 baby aged 12 months, a red polka dot top from Oasis (bought for £10 in the sale).  A M&S grey grandad style cardy £25, a grey cord skirt from H&M £15, grey tights from White Stuff and BARGAIN boots from Sainsburys (bought on special offer at £10 - these are supposedly genuine sheepskin!).

I actually felt really warm and snug plus vaguely "trendy" (a word my dad uses).


  1. Love it,suits you x

  2. You look like a very yummy mummy! Very cool mrs! x

  3. Thanks all! I did feel quite yummy, it's so easy just to wear jeans and a jumper but neither do anything for me!

  4. Looking hot! Love the tights x

  5. You look relly young! Nice outfit. I know what you mean. It's important to make an effort, isn't it?

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