Sunday, 26 February 2012

Who needs sleep anyway?


Right.That’s it. I’ve had enough.  My son is now OVER  12 months and still insists on a little chat around midnight.  In fact, he also likes a little cuddle at 4am and a dribble at 5. What is it with this child, he must really love me to want to see me so much! Thing is, it’s getting a little old. Not sleeping that is.  Three months I could handle, then it got to six and now it’s twelve…hmm I sense a pattern here. Part of the problem was definitely the fact he would not take a bottle. I have a theory about formula fed and breast fed babies and I have a definite *hunch* that bottle fed babies sleep better. I have no proof of this, maybe it is just a fantasy that it is possible for babies to sleep. 

So far this is what we have tried –
·         More milk in the day.
·         Less milk in the day.
·         Snacks throughout the day.
·         No snacks throughout the day.
·         Naps.
·         No Naps.

You get the idea, we’ve tried everything.  Now this leads me nicely onto the old “leave him to cry” theory. I am against this approach for one reason – it stresses me out and makes me shout at my husband. I don’t like the idea of my child crying for me and me not going to him, it’s unnatural isn’t it? Anyway I’ve  tried it and it didn’t work.  I would like to think that when I am an old lady crying (in my senility) in an old peoples’ home that I won’t be left to cry alone in my room, “leave her, she’ll soon learn!”.  There’s an old mantra I quite like here, treat your children in their infancy how you would like to be treated in your old age. I hope mine don’t plonk me in front of the 2050’s equivalent of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and make me eat raisins.

Anyway, one of the things I definitely recommend is using a baby sleeping bag. We discovered with Son 1 that he would ALWAYS wake up at 4am (cold) if we didn’t use one. It is quite simply,  a must.  It’s also safer as there is no risk of loose covers going over baby’s head. On that note I want to showcase son 2’s most recent lovely gift from Vertbaudet. They were kind enough to send us a lovely sleeping bag as seen here (£33). I really like it and in my head I keep thinking he looks a bit like a Prince in it (have no idea why, it keeps coming into my mind but that could be because I’m obsessed with the Tudors at the moment.)

My Tudor Prince

Anyway, no time to write anymore, I'm just going to rest my eyes....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. That's tough after 12 months. I think I agree with you on the breast/bottle thing too! On the plus side, what a stylish sleeping bag - with getting up to admire at 4am ;)

    1. thanks but even the sleeping bag isn't worth it! Am so tired!

  2. Have you tried a couple of drops of lavender oil on his mattress....I recommended it to a friend of mine with a 3 yr old with the same problem and he is sleeping right through now...

    Might be worth a try
    Other than that - feed him up before you put him down at night, warm bath before last feed of the night....

    All 3 of mine were bottle fed and all slept through from really early on....

    Lou :-)

  3. Feel your pain. Know it well. Child only really started sleeping at 2. We took him to an osteopath who specialises in children and after 3 session he started sleeping like a baby (just not my baby). Try it!

    1. Honestmum - I need to know the name of this osteopath please! I will try anything, is it something to do with the spine?

  4. This really hits home, my little boy has never been a sleeper I breast fed until 4 months and was told give him formula as his last feed To make him sleep - it didn't work. I tried as you have and he is now 10 months and can wake 2..3 or 4 times a night mainly for a cuddle or a bottle or maybe he is cold. We do get the odd night where he does sleep through but it's not often enough. I think our babies just aren't sleepers.
    My ups and downs are posted om Best of luck.

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