Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bargain fashion picks!

Now I have children I never go into actual shops, well, very rarely. I have been accused of excessive internet shopping which I sometimes have to reign in. It's so easy (and tempting) to click "confirm" before having a momentary pang of guilt, which soon passes. I have to say though, that as a shopping addict, internet shopping doesn't ever give me that same sense of "thrill" I get from buying things in shops. Quite a few times, things have arrived and the sense of disappointment has been great, whether it be a cheap fabric not evident in the picture, a slightly weird colour that didn't come across on screen, or just something I bought when I'd had too much sherry.

I have a new rule before buying anything online which is, sleep (well go to bed and get up several times in the night) on it before doing anything silly.

Anyway, it's not like I'm buying Prada handbags online, it's mainly stuff for less than £20.  Anyway, if I can't afford to buy anything myself, I can still recommend nice things to other people. We can window shop together.

Let's start with H&M. I think this blouse is a right bargain and would look great with black jeans and a blazer (plus heels, obvs). £7.99
H&M blouse. Not many sizes left online though.

I am also in love with this H&M blazer which is £29.99. Also available in navy and pink.

H&M stripy blazer - hello sailor!
 Speaking of blazers, I was in a shop I hardly ever go into the other day, Dorothy Perkins. I spotted this lovely nude blazer from the pavement (so ok I do occasionally go in shops, I was on my way to the opticians honest!) and couldn't believe it was in Dotty Ps! It's the ivory/black soft tux jacket
which is £38. Ok so it's polyester, at least it's machine washable (a must) and looks much more expensive than £38.  This would actually look nice with the H&M shirt in navy (like the orange one above) and blue jeans. Obviously the sleeves need rolling up.

Dorothy Perkins nude blazer
I also love this bargain top in Oasis for £22. It hangs really well and looks great with these black jeans that are currently on sale at £33.  I wear a skinny belt with the jeans and tuck the front section of the t shirt in. There are some comments on the Oasis site about the quality of the jeans after washing. I only bought them last week so can't comment on that but I was happy because I managed to get into a size 10 as they are very stretchy.

Oasis plain woven t shirt £22
Oasis scarlet black jeans £33
Last but not least I have recently discovered Next wide fitting shoes. I have huge feet and after two pregnancies they seem enormous. I can never get pretty shoes to fit. However I managed to get my canoes in a nice pair of Next heels the other day that were only £28.  I must admit I ended up getting extra wide! Not good for the ego!
Next nude patent shoes

Must. Get. Off. The. Internet.


  1. I agree with the disappointment, I ordered something the other day from one of your blog posts & it went back the same day. What I prefer to do is go to the shops, take a look at what I want & then order online, saves carrying the shopping & mine LO doesn't enjoy shopping - she's female so hopefully will grow into it haha!
    I found out today that I can't follow your blog on Google Friend Connect as its not a Blogger blog, only those are being allowed to be followed! Can I subscribe any other way??

    1. I'm mortified! Which post was it, I'll delete it! Feel awful sorry. I agree about going to the shops, depends if LO will tolerate it though! Son 2 is better than Son 1 was, he used to howl in agony at the sheer sight of M&S.

      There is an RSS sign at the top right of my blog - does that work? Thanks for trying anyway!

    2. no, no, no, not your fault, bit of late night shopping, I should do what you do, wait till morning :)) Will try RSS feed.

    3. Thanks, it's all very slow, the RSS takes ages to send the messages out.

      A few times I've waited til morning then the must have item has sold out. I have shed a few tears.

  2. I too have become ever so slightly obsessed with internet shopping since having a baby. I get my guilty pangs when the parcelforce van pulls up and the delivery man says 'hello again!'. How embarassing.

    And by the way, i buy all my jeans from Oasis and i think they wash beautifully! I can also fit into a 12 whereas i'm a 14 everywhere else. All hail generous high street sizing!

    1. YES I also love Oasis jeans, it's so easy, they always fit, look great and are reasonably priced. I still have some from 1996 that look great.

      All the delivery drivers round here know me. By name. The shame.

  3. Loving that navy striped blazer and the nude one! Great picks, awesome style!

  4. Thanks! They had them in Leeds the other day! x


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