Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Daily Mail and I - super savvy shopper....

This morning was very different to my usual Thursday, it usually entails a lot of scrabbling down on the floor wiping up all the spillages under the kitchen table from the last few days when I've been at work and unable to do any housework. Today I went to the supermarket, nothing unusual in that. But today I met a freelance journalist Maid in Yorkshire (not her actual name) and was photographed for the Daily Mail being a super savvy Mummy. The idea was that we both had shopping baskets with the same items in, but I chose the bargain hunter versions in an effort to save money.  I brought Son 2 along, who was fine for the first hour, but started to get a bit tetchy (to put it mildly) after a while. Luckily the staff in Morrisons were happy to entertain him during some of the longer shoots (bad mummy).

Own brand all the way!

So these are the contents of my shopping basket. I actually learnt quite a lot about the own brand alternatives to branded goods. We had a good look at the sugar and salt contents and noticed that actually the own brand and branded items are not exactly the same which is what I previously thought. Quite often the salt content for example, was much higher in the own brand items, especially the "saver" style ones. We also noticed that the saver stuff is always on either the top or bottom shelves, so not on eye level. 

One shocker was the price of loose compared with packaged veg. One instance was a piece of broccoli with some cellophane round it, this was £1 dearer per kg than the same broccoli next to it without the cellophane! Ridiculous. It's made me think a lot more about checking labels and looking at the price per 100g/kg on the label or ticket before buying anything. Not easy with a fed up baby.


  1. How much cheaper did your basket end up? It's things like free range and battery eggs/chickens that have a huge difference in price too

  2. This will make you laugh but I actually have no idea how much the two baskets ended up costing! By that point baby had well and truly had enough and I was wrestling with him and my changing bag....I will find out in due course when the article comes out!!


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