Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Gallery - Colour in Scarborough

This week's theme for Tara's Gallery is colour. This really rang true with me after my Silent Sunday post the other day which was a beautiful picture of petrol mixed with water.

A few months ago we went to Scarborough for the weekend. A lot of people think Scarborough is a bit of a dump, but there is definitely beauty and colour there.

I love beach huts. There is something really nostalgic about them. I love the ways these beach huts are all in contrasting colours set amongst the harsh Yorkshire day.

We went to Dorset last year and saw some similarly lovely beach huts, apparently these ones go for £125,000 each! This is Muddeford...

Hurry up summer....


  1. There's something surreal about beach huts in the winterwhich appeals to me. Lovely photos.

  2. Thanks! I love Scarborough in winter, yes it's freezing but there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing!

  3. Those huts look as though they've had a lick of paint!! Spring must have sprung! I once dug a giant footprint in the sand at Scarborough (50 metres long!!!) so have fond affection for the place!
    Here's the photo!!!

  4. Great picture! Yes they've definitely had a lick of paint. They are next to the posh Sands Resort (where we stayed) so probably needed sprucing up so they were "in keeping"!

  5. Lovely pics, one of mine's beach huts too. I love it when they paint them different colours, looking forward to seeing the paint pots come out on the beach this spring!


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