Thursday, 29 March 2012

How my husband thought our son was lost....

Last year, when we were on holiday in France, my husband thought our son was lost. What happened was this; we were out to dinner on a busy village square in the south of France with family, there was dancing, music, you know the score. Anyway, I was dancing with Son 1 when he suddenly announced he needed the toilet. I dutifully took him and we were gone a few minutes. Now, I know this defies logic (as I have told my husband many times) but my husband got it into his head that Son 1 was lost. Yes, the obvious signs were there, I was nowhere to be seen too, I am a responsible parent, I was the only one not drinking etc etc. But anyway, I could see the look of panic on his face and it scared me.  I wish we had known about these anyway....Netflights ID Bracelets.
The night in question, I didn't lose him m'lord.

I love the idea, a simple bracelet with all your contact information on should your child (heaven forbid) become separated from you. Netflights have bracelets which range from simple velcro bands to high tech GPS trackers which could keep your child safe should they manage to slip away.  If someone finds your lost child, they can easily locate you via your contact information on the ID bracelet to help reunite you with your child as quickly as possible. This would be particularly useful with younger children who perhaps cannot talk or explain very well, especially in a stressful situation such as being lost.

Anyway, if you want to get your hands on a free pair of ID bracelets for your little one, visit Netflights facebook page (click like to be taken to the relevant bit) - this finishes tomorrow (Friday) night though so be quick!

Just a little extra piece of mind.
For your info, this is a sponsored post. I don't do them very often, so there.

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