Saturday, 17 March 2012

What I wore mac!

Spring is in the air! At least it was yesterday, today was pretty miserable. Even so, I've taken my bright pink M&S mac out for its annual airing. I bought it about two years ago for about £50 in an effort to cheer myself up. Everyone knows the shopping high only lasts about three hours, but this coat makes me feel good every time I put it on.

I'm also wearing my comfy pointy Dune shoes (pointy and comfy not two words I usually put together, especially with my side eights). These go with anything and I'm glad I can finally get my poor swollen feet back into them. My feet must have been on a diet.

I'm also wearing my new black jeans and blue top I blogged about a few weeks ago. Great Saturday wear for mooching round the local market and then going to the cinema. Oh and by the way, The Muppets is rubbish.

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