Saturday, 21 April 2012

Genius idea - puzzle pack by Netflights

Last year's hol to France.
Last year we took our children on their first flight, from Leeds to Nice, France. To say I was stressed in the days leading up to the holiday is an understatement. Taking a five month old and a three year old on a flight was not top of my list of "chilled out" ideas, but we wanted to take them to France, so we girded our loins and bit the bullet (no more platitudes I promise).

The worst bit was definitely the take off and landing. I was given a weird sort of strap to put Son 2 in, he regarded it as some sort of torture device and screamed hysterically until I took it off. I wanted to point out to the woman in the row in front that her staring at me in an appalled sort of way wasn't actually going to make him stop crying, but I didn't want to embarrass my husband, so I didn't.

My three year old wasn't much better, because he hadn't been aware of boarding the plane he was unclear about where we were, "when are we getting on the plane Mummy?" he kept asking. Nothing could convince him we were actually on the plane and had been for some time. I had meant to be mega prepared and take some sort of activity for him, but what with everything else, it had completely slipped my mind.

I wish we had used something like the Netflights puzzle book to keep him entertained, not just on the flight but the rest of the holiday, especially those really hot days when he just couldn't cope with being outdoors.

Hot weather doesn't really suit small children as we soon found out, luckily where we stayed had a pool, albeit unheated...brrrrrrrr.....

I will certainly be having a look at the Netflights sites for more of their holiday ideas nearer the time to our next trip....Wales, Cornwall, Menorca, where is a good place to take small children on holiday?

This is a sponsored post. I need to pay for my Cybher business cards after all.


  1. This is such a wonderful idea - colouring books are expensive when DD just scribbles in them and rips pages out, where as I can just print this out and go! Genius. Thanks for the link!

  2. No prob, they are cool aren't they?! I'm going to print them out just to have around the house!


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