Monday, 9 April 2012

Ten minute tea

Yes, pasta in boiling water.
Stir fry sausage

nothing happening here
Today has been a bit of an illness competition and with that in mind I needed to make an ultra fast meal with whatever I had in the fridge. On the menu tonight was sausage pasta with cheese spread. Sound nutritious? I did put mushroom and parsley in, though as you can see from my herb pot I had to use the dried variety. So basically, stir fry some chopped up sausage and mushroom as the pasta is cooking, add some parsley and cream cheese or cheese spread. To finish top with grated cheese and black pepper. Kids love it and so do husbands. For added moisture add a spoonful of the pasta water as you mix everything together. Job done.
Voila, better than any restaurant in the land!

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