Thursday, 19 April 2012

What I am wearing to Cybher....

I have been over the moon this week as I have heard from my generous sponsor Savoo that they are paying for my ticket and transport to go to Cyber! I casually went over to the website only to find out there was only one ticket is now mine!  I was asked a while ago to be a DealPro at Savoo, which basically means being a savvy shopper and sharing deals with others on the site. Thanks to this, it was the lovely Savoo who set up my Daily Mail and Woman's Own interviews (due out soon, watch this space!)

Anyway, back to Cyber, first of all, a quick meet and greet:

Name : Heather
Twitter ID : @bargainmummy1
Height : 5'8" ish.
Hair : red with purple bits where it went a bit wrong.

Five things you should know about me...
1. I speak Japanese.
2. I have two boys, 3 and 1.
3. I am stuck in 1995.
4. I regret buying a three storey house.
5. I was once nearly blown up by terrorists.

Anyway, on to the important stuff, what am I going to wear! Well as usual, I am big into online ordering, so after having a quick perusal of the H&M website the other day, I ordered a lovely top and skirt, plus a cardigan on the advice of the wonderful Style Guile.

Firstly this lovely mustard coloured cardigan which was £7.99.

Mustard H&M cardy - a bit creased, whoops.
Then this lovely ruched top which I think would be really flattering on anyone, think it was £12.99.
H&M white ruched top, very flattering!
And a lovely chiffony skirt in mole/grey with white polka dots. I think this was £14.99.

And finally some lovely Oasis gladiator sandals which were £22. 

Oasis gladiator sandals, £22.
I'm not 100% sure that the cardigan goes with the rest of the outfit but to be honest yellow cardies hardly go with anything and I LOVE the colour.

I really hope it's a warm day or I will be brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....


  1. Ok, you have to enlarge on your top five, spesh no. 5.

    I also have regrets about buying a three-storey place. Mind you, it leads to toned legs!!

  2. Ha! No laughing matter really but it was when I was living in Madrid. I was teaching English in a business right next to Atocha Renfe on 11th March 2004...had to be there by 8am (their time). You work out the rest!

    Three storeys is hell, every day right before I leave I realise I have left nappies/keys/my life on the top floor!

  3. Love the spotty skirt!

    Here's my Meet & Greet:


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