Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Leather Satchel Company!

A few weeks ago I attended my first bloggers conference - Cybher. I was lucky enough to be sponsored to go the event by the lovely Ed at Savoo and although I was pretty nervous about meeting other people who love writing about themselves (joke!), I needn't have been as I was fine and met some lovely people who made me feel right at home.

Cybher Conference
One of the highlights of the day for me was meeting Keith Hawshaw and his wife (she has a name but I can't remember it!) who run the Leather Satchel Co. All of their satchels are hand made from great quality materials and it really shows. Best of all all their products are guaranteed for five years so if anything goes, it can be fixed! I was interested to hear about their bespoke bags and really fancy some sort of travel holdall....when I'm rich and famous!

Anyway, I took some shots of the Cybher Bag I was given and also the white satchel I bought! I love it, I feel really chic when I take it out and about (it's like a pet).

Pink Cybher Bag!

White Satchel
I had to hide my envy signs (red face, sweat etc) when my new friend Candy Pop bought this scrumptious aqua marine glittery bag...I love it so.

Glittery Aqua Marine Satchel
Get yourself over to the Leather Satchel Co to see for yourself.


  1. Oooh I love your satchel! I've just ordered a baby pink one for myself and I can't wait for it to arrive. I kidded myself that I *need* one as I'm starting an evening class next month. Any excuse ;-)

    1. Thanks, I really really wanted a silver glittery one but someone else bought it before I got chance! Love glittery stuff!

  2. I've been eyeing up these too, they are lush! Stupidly expensive, mind, but still lush....

    1. Keith gave me a card with a discount code on but I've gone and lost it! They are lovely.

    2. I don't think they are stupidly expensive at all. The quality is to die for and I think I'd use it more often (and without early death) than any of the high street bags. The 5-year warranty is just brilliant.

      A Plus B in the Sea - I've got a guide to old school bags, if you're interested. :)


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