Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Leeds Loves Food, Meeting Alex James and Polaroid Sunglasses...

As per usual, once the sun is out, internet consumption goes down accordingly. Summer with children is so lovely, especially if you have a garden. Even though we've now been in our house for almost five years, this is the first summer I can actually remember spending any time in the garden. Paddling pools, water guns, sand pits, those are the sounds to my summer. That's what childhood is all about right? Son 1 no longer asks to watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates 22 times a day, now it's only 19!

Last weekend being a Leeds lover, we ventured to a crowded, hot and sticky Leeds for the annual Leeds Loves Food festival, all over Leeds. It was a really good opportunity for Yorkshire culinary talent to really showcase itself and also for me to go and have a damn good nosh up. It wasn't your ordinary food festival that normally seem to consist of stalls of olives and german sausages, there were loads of Leeds restaurants like Thai Edge, Brasserie Blanc, Chino Latino to name but a few. I had a lovely thai meal for lunch, although I did have to eat it standing up and share most of it with Son 2 to stop him screaming, such is life.

Lattitude - Kir Royale!

Lattitude Stall
Being a Yorkshire lass (I rarely tell people I was actually born in Northampton) I was keen to try all the Yorkshire stalls and see what they were offering. I was really keen to try the Rhubarb Kir Royale from local wine merchant Lattitude. I do love a good glass of fizz, but was a bit sceptical about combining the two. I have to report though that it was totes YUM!

I must admit festivals like that aren't the best places to take young children, although there were some activities planned for children like the Pizza Making, and the involvement of Meanwood Valley Farm, my two were more interested in the free lollies from Asda.

Crowded Lovely Leeds People
The massive highlight for me was meeting Alex James, aka heart throb for my 16 year old self in my pre children indie days, who is now a master cheese maker. I talked to him about the creaminess of cheese and he kindly advised Son 1 to steer clear of the chilli cheese. I was completely and utterly star struck. Here is a pic I took after I had stopped fainting.
Alex James, did love Blur, now loves Cheese.
Best of all (have I said that already) on that lovely sunny day I got to wear the lovely sunglasses that Polaroid kindly send for me! They are absolutely gorgeous and also due to their size really help with my hayfever as they completely cover my eyes from the sun. I have quite a small head so they took a bit of getting used to but I love the lilac design and also the high end case and accessories.
Lovely Polaroid Sunglasses
So, lovely food, Alex from Blur, Kir Royale, lovely Leeds people AND my new Polaroid Sunglasses. I'm in heaven. Oh, and don't forget the churros....

Churros Tent Leeds Loves Food


  1. Looks like a great day out, tho I was more of a Damon girl myself...

    1. I liked Damon but I thought Alex was a bit cool and mysterious...happy days...

  2. Looks amazing. And love the birdie top/dress you've got on. Very jealous of your star experience too. He's made cheese-making exceptionally cool.

    1. Thanks, it's this Warehouse one http://www.warehouse.co.uk///warehouse/fcp-product/308358#GBP

      His cheese was yummy, so was he!

  3. I attended too-was lots of fun-wish I'd known and we could have met up for a 'mocktail' x

    1. Arggh! Yes would have been lovely to say hello! It was so busy wasn't it? Did you try anything delic?

  4. that looks amazing! I used to live in Leeds and my sister is still there so think I will have to pay her a visit when this is on next year.


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