Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Next Bed in a Bag and Olympic Scarf!

I've finally got to grips with instagram after many tired and sorry efforts seemed to yield nothing but fuzzy photos. I think I've just realised that you need to actually put a bit of time and effort into checking the instagram shots, just a few seconds, nothing more.

Anyway, here is the evidence! I was lucky enough to be sent a Bed In a Bag by Next (£40).

Next Bed in a Bag
Bearing in mind the recent sleep crisis we've had with Son 1, and the fantastic progress he's made, I thought it was only fitting that he should be rewarded with some smart new bedding. It loves gorgeous on and really brightens up his bedroom, plus it makes a change from having hand me down stuff from Son 1, poor Son 2, hardly anything of his is new!

Next also sent me this lovely Olympic scarf in preparation for the London Olympic games starting very very soon! I once read that the depression rates go down in countries where the Olympic games are held for a few months and I can see why. Anyway, this is my "how to wear" the scarf, in my new "Breton" look  in preparation for my upcoming hols in Brittany.

Next Olympic Scarf
Thank you to Next for sending me these lovely items to review.


  1. I like the bed in a bag a lot! Very similar to the canopy with clouds sold by ikea x

    1. It's great, much cheaper than buying everything separate too! xx

  2. Love buying new bedding and that scarf is pretty-loving all the excitement around the Olympics and Jubilee x


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