Tuesday, 8 May 2012

When a restaurant is child friendly...

...we can all finish that sentence. When a restaurant is child friendly the whole experience is bliss for everyone. I love eating out, I always have done. I love the ritual of looking at the menu, ordering drinks, waiting for the food to arrive....it adds a little sparkle to my (unsparkly) life. Anyway, back to eating out with children. You know the score, moaning, whining, lots of food going on the floor or refused point blank. Lemonade drunk in seconds. That's why I love Beefeater Grill restaurants so much, no need to stand on ceremony, honest food, reasonably priced and more to the point, my children love it. It's the simple things like BALLOONS that make all the difference.
Tucking into some spag bol
Yes, an actual child's menu! Desserts £1!
We really enjoyed our meal there, I had steak which was perfectly cooked and so did hubby. I would really recommend Beefeaters as somewhere to go with children, the staff are also brilliant and couldn't do more to help. The desserts are also "proper" and remind me of my childhood, think chocolate sundaes, caramel apple crumble, rather tasty.  Thank you Beefeater and we will be back soon!


  1. Hello. I wrote a story the other day on kids' menus but never thought to include Beefeater. I must say it's the stuff my childhood was made of - we were always in there. It does sound very good and if it means the kids are happy then the grown ups are too. From my story I found that most parents seemed to really like the Pizza Express menu. Have you tried that one? I will try Beefeater! Michelle x

    1. Hi Michelle and thanks for commenting . I do love love love pizza express as well, it's so hold friendly and a bit more glamorous than they chains. Great minds!

  2. I wish we had a restaurant like Beefeater out here. I live in a tiny town in northern Arizona, and we are very limited in our choices. And you're right... balloons make all the difference!

    1. Ah but American restaurants are very cool, but I suppose if you don't live in a city they are few and far between? Balloons are a genius invention aren't they?!


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