Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sponsored Video – Organix Goodies!

Son 2 has always been a bit of a funny eater, not a fussy eater, but just plain funny. For example he has never been one to allow others to spoon feed him, he has to feed himself, no matter what. That is one reason he loves finger food and snacky, picnic food, as this allows him to do his own thing, be independent and have a really good look at what he is eating.

One of the ranges he does like is the Organix Goodies range, as they have so many lovely finger foods available. He loves the ginger bread men and the carrot sticks as he sees it as a treat, although in actual fact the stuff is pretty healthy and doesn’t contain the additives and the like you would see in other “snack” style food. I’ve actually bought the cereal bars for this weekend for when we go camping as they might come in useful when we realise we have forgotten milk, cereal, bread and other essential items.

Organix have a “no junk” promise when it comes to their “Goodies” snacks (and all their stuff thinking about it), they are suitable from 12 months and contain no additives, processed sugars or added salts. Also available in the range are: Organic Biscuits, Organic Dried Fruit and Organic Savouries such as spicy tomato stars.  To compliment the range there is also a choice of Organic  drinks and also some squeezy pouches filled with fruit to help your toddler with their five a day.

Give it a try, great for holidays for when you are far from shops and your child needs a filling and nutritious snack!
This post was sponsored by Organix but opinions are all my own.

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