Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Very Cutesy Thrifty Thursday with Lelli Kelly, Baby Mu, Lola Myers AND Wedding Favours!

Thursday is rolling round again as quick as a flash, so it's time for me to showcase some lovely bargains I've noticed on the internet lately.

First of all I'm going to give some credit to my lovely neighbour Jemma who I live vicariously through since she is on maternity leave and I am not. She spotted this complete BARGAIN in Charles Clinkard on Lelli Kelly shoes some of which are half price at £26.50. You might argue that this is quite a lot to spend on shoes even at full price, which as a thrifty mum I would of course agree! Still I thought this might be useful to someone.
Lelli Kelly Shoes £26.50.
I've become a bit of a fan of the #yorkshirehour networking event on twitter every Wednesday at 8pm. It's a fantastic way to make new contacts and see what's going on in the Yorkshire area (though admittedly not useful for everyone!). Anyway, through this I've made contact with the lovely Claire at BabyMu who sell the most fabulous range of products, from leather baby shoes to pyjamas to beautiful nursery stuff (I have no affiliation with this site I just like their stuff!),
Anyway, Claire has offered Pret-A-Mummy readers 10% off the Baby Mu-vers shoes (see above) and a free gift with all purchases if you say you came from my blog! Use code pret10 for the discount (until 7th July).

Another lovely contact I've made through the networking event is the oh-so-pretty girlswear shop Lola Myer who sell the most adorable clothes, sort of vintage, but not. I love this pretty and summery dress called Charlotte Louise which is pretty reasonable at £14.99.
Lola Myer Dress £14.99
In a completely different vein, I also wanted to show you these fab value wedding favours. We went to a wedding last week that had something similar around the wine glasses so it reminded me of these little beauties, I also think they would make a great keepsake for Grandma/Auntie (you can get any name). They seem to be 99p each, bargain!
Wedding Favours
That's all for now, do let me know if you see any great bargains on your travels!

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