Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Welcome to Yurtshire!

Being an indoorsy sort of person, preferring the town to the city infinitely, I was surprisingly interested recently to hear some very girly friends of mine describing the virtues of "glamping". To the uninitiated (and by that I mean my parents), glamping is camping with all the trimmings: lovely interiors, proper beds and general luxury you wouldn't expect from a tent. 

In a few days I am going to find out for myself, as the lovely Tom from Yorkshire Yurts has kindly invited (alright I invited myself) us to try out glamping for real! In this case it is more accurately called Yurting, as we will be staying in a huge Yurt in a field in Markington, North Yorkshire.  Yurts, "originating in the high mountain steppes of central Asia, yurts are one of the oldest shelter structures known to man. The evolution of the yurt almost certainly began in prehistoric times with a tipi like structure covered in animal skins." Back to nature, sounds right up my street.

Better than any hotel in the land
Naturally my first concern was what the Yurt would actually include, outside toilets are not top on my priority list so I was a bit worried about this. Anyway here is the list:

Eating and Drinking

– Gas stove, barbeque, pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, kettle, tea, cool box.


– Private solar shower bag (outside the yurt), wash bowl and water jug (Within the yurt), 100% cotton towels, shared hot gas shower and shared wood burning hot tub.


– Double bed, 1 x double futon, 1 x single futon, 1 x single foot stool futon, duvets and pillows, additional rugs, Luxury Egyptian cotton sheets.


– Coat hanger/ wardrobe, foot stool storage, 6 x directors chairs, table.


– Each yurt has a private compost/sawdust toilet (outside the yurt). Hand cleaning gel.


– Torches, lanterns and candles.


– Wood burning stove (indoors and off peak months only) Fire pit (outdoors) logs and firewood in the area.
Each yurt is also equipped with fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
It sounds perfect. Best of all I think our boys will absolutely love it. They have never been camping before and  this will be a nice easing in for them.  I love the idea of the hot tub and fire pit, though not sure what it means by "wood fired". The other thing is, what on earth do people cook when they are camping? I was thinking of taking a couple of those Innocent pot things to heat through for me and hubby but would quite like to give the boys more than just beans, any ideas?
I'm looking forward to getting back to nature and having a night in the open air with my family. I love the idea of sitting by the fire while the boys sleep and getting up the next morning to lovely fresh air and countryside (despite my city tendencies, everyone needs a change sometime don't they?!). Best of all I won't have to compromise on my womanly fear of basic accommodation, as these yurts are anything but. 
"Our handcrafted yurts all have steam bent ash beams and a unique round top solid oak door. The chic interiors are both rustic and cosy. Furnished with a double bed and both a double and single futon means the yurts are ideal for either a couple on a romantic getaway or a group of friends or family just wanting to get away from it all."
Visit http://www.yurtshire.co.uk/ for more information on Yurt holidays, great for families, prices start from £175 for a weekend (off peak) based on two sharing, from £20 for additional guests.
I will report back after our adventure and let you, dear reader, know how it goes.


  1. Good post - I'll be following this with interest as I've been thinking about "glamping" for our holiday next year. I like my home comforts but would also like to experience the outdoor life a bit too.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it!

    1. I am a bit nervous I have to admit, I have never done anything like this before! I think I will like it though judging by the champagne glasses in the pictures on the website!

  2. Your yurting experience sounds fantastic and I look forward to your report back. I wrote a whole glamping special the other week, so if you want some more tips or a list of what to take maybe have a look! Enjoy and hope you come back convinced that glamping is the way forward. Michelle x

    1. Ooh sounds great, I will go over and take a look Michelle, I could do with some tips!

  3. oooh sounds interesting! Looking forward to hearing all about it! x


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