Friday, 27 July 2012

A belated Thrifty Thursday, £3 JoJo beanies, BARGAIN Isabella Oliver Jeans and £5 Office shoes!

It occurred to me yesterday (actually it was pointed out to me!) that yet again I have failed to update my thrifty Thursday page. I can only apologise and tell you that it's down to my new job blogging and tweeting for that is taking a lot of my time up at the moment!

Anyway, here are some great buys I've spotted this week.

Firstly I would like to give some credit to my lovely neighbour Jemma who noticed some bargain end of sale buys in JoJo recently. I really love these beanie hats which are now £3 (was £10)
JoJo MamanBebe Pansy Hat £3.
There are loads of other hats (boys ones too) but this one really caught my eye. I also think these red check baggies, also from JoJo, are really good value at £5.
Red Check Baggies £5

Onto other things, I've always been a fan of Isabella Oliver and have been waiting for their skinny jeans to go into the sale for ages. My waiting has finally come to fruition with a fab deal on some slate ones which are now £39 down from £99! There is a 10% off code for sale as well but you have to spend £49. Drat.
Isabella Oliver Skinny Jeans Slate
There are a few other good buys, but I'm only buying really wearable things at the moment and I'm not convinced that a lot of their stuff is everyday enough for me.

And finally, Office have a great sale on summer shoes for men, a lot of them are £5 down from £35+! What a bargain!

None of these links are paid, I just think they are great bargains!

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