Saturday, 14 July 2012

I have the biggest feet in the world..

Ok, so hands up if you have large feet, I mean, really big, like humongous. Hands up again if you are a size 8 nearly a 9 (all my cousins I know your hands are up). My name is Heather and I suffer from big feet problems. There is something very unfeminine about a woman with size 9 feet. I'm not even mega tall either, about 5ft 8 (ok 7) which isn't massive is it? In fact when my feet aren't actually on the ground they don't look too big, it's when they are pressed down that they spread to the far flung corners of the earth.

I also have really skinny ankles which might sound good but they actually make my feet look even bigger by contrast! Since having two children my feet are even more unsightly (see here). Oh the shame.

Buying shoes has always been a problem for me, I find it a singular activity, a sort of conspiracy between me and the sales assistant. They take one look at my feet and instinctively know that I want to be left alone to shoehorn the tiny dainty shoe on my feet without spectators. In the end I usually end up going to Next or M&S and looking in their old lady extra wide range.

I've googled this extensively and the only online shop I can see is who specialise in wide fitting shoes and even show you how to measure your canoes on their website.
What I'm generally looking for in a summer shoe is something open toe (to prevent rubbing) with a slight heel and a structured look, nothing floppy. However if the shoe is too inflexible that also makes them uncomfortable.  It also has to be something I can run in (not for fun, to catch suicidal lemming toddlers).

So I've had a look at Duo who currently have a sale on which makes their shoes very reasonably priced.

My two favourites are the Delta and the Leila shoe. I'm not saying they are really glamourous but they are definitely something I could wear every day. The Delta is now £50 and the Leila is now £45.

Duo Black Delta Shoe

Duo Navy Delta Shoe
I'm pretty excited about ordering from this site as I'm at my wits end with the current selection in the high street stores. Sometimes I look at other women in stomach churning toe pinching shoes and just wonder, how and why?

Although I do love Duo shoes and will be ordering some, this is in fact a sponsored post. 


  1. I was a 4 but now 4.5 fits better since having last child, think our feet grow in pregnancy! The thing about having an average size of feet is that shoes go fast and sometimes difficult to get the size in the style I want. I wear everything from high to low, boots to stilletto's. ♥♥♥ shoes (still have all mine from my 20's, keeping them for TC!)

    1. I would do anything to have a dainty size 4 1/2! Most of my friends are a 6/7 and they do comment that their size sells out fast. Thing is with my size feet there are often no sizes to begin with! It's getting better though, slowly.

  2. I'm a 7 although crept to an 8 now pregnant. So am I in the big feet club?

    1. If you have a 3rd you will find yourself in my club! Where do you get shoes from?

  3. I'm a size 9!!

    I can recommend a few places you have not yet mentioned - do some really, really nice shoes (who do have stores too) - do some up t0 larger sizes and have shops

    And some I have found but not used that do larger sizes and/or wider fittings...

    1. Thanks, a few of these I've never heard of so will go over to take a look. Winter is fine as I can wear boots which strangely seem to fit ok, it's other types of shoes I have problems with.

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