Sunday, 22 July 2012

I love the Sands Resort.

Some of my friends occasionally comment that I'm a bit of a snob. I like to think that rather than being a snob I just like nice things. I'm more of a champagne than beer drinker and only have a mild Yorkshire accent which leaves me open to suspicion in this part of the world.  To be honest, my roots are rather humble, I was brought up in Wakefield, went to a state school and did my A Levels at a local college. But my parents have always been far more cultivated than I am and I suppose some of it must have rubbed off on me! They both speak good French, have a great general knowledge, and are generally pretty brainy (which I put down to a 60s Grammar School education but there you go).  Where I went to school, it was cool to be thick, people thought it hilarious to skive off school, not work hard and not do well. It was such a shame as there was a great waste of potential.

Anyway, getting back to Scarborough...we are staying there this weekend. It's lovely, really lovely. We are staying at the amazing and gorgeous Sands resort in a huge apartment which is far nicer than my house, with a wrap around balcony and views of the bay.

The Sands Resort Scarborough
I must admit that Scarborough itself is rather low brow, but the weather is so lovely for once I don't care. And actually, all the things that used to fill me with horror (fairgrounds, amusement arcades) kids actually love! So everyone's happy, especially me enjoying a lovely Kir Royale, hic!

Happy holidays everyone and let's enjoy this lovely weather, it makes a nice change.xx


  1. I like to think I introduced you to the sands sx

  2. So is Scarborough a place where snobs like to go or is it a chea[ place? You suggest that it's low brow and yet the photo looks lovely. I'm a bit of a snob but I'd go there.

    1. I'm not sure yet to be honest. The Sands is NOT cheap, definitely not a bargain place. But the town itself it pretty cheap, as long as you like fish and chips. Today there was a Seafest on, with lobster stalls, real ale tent and other cool things which I approved of. There are no trendy bars or cafes, but kids love all that tacky stuff and the beach is fab! I can't make my mind up, I think I like it!

  3. I love Scarborough... it's the unique mix of High Brow and Low brow that makes Scarborough one of my favourite places. We go every year for the latest Alan Aykbourn play. We've seen The Sands but have never stayed there (rather out of our price bracket!)


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