Thursday, 26 July 2012

Plus Size Women's Clothing Online!

Finally the weather has improved! I've found myself with an actual need to wear summer clothes, but I don't seem to have anything suitable. Since reaching my 33rd year, I finally know what my style is and what suits me. I no longer just buy stuff because I like it on the hanger, I only buy clothes that will actually suit me. This is mainly down to a time saving need but has actually stood me in good stead. I now have some rules (a bit like on Gok Wan!):
  • I don't buy anything in pale colours, it washes me out. Likewise, no black.
  • I have narrow shoulders so I buy boat neck/slash neck to give the  illusion of having a more in proportion body.
  • Flared skirts work well for me as I have wide hips. Avoid pencil skirt styles. 
  • No to skinny jeans.

As regularly readers of my blog will know, I'm a great lover of online shopping, and very keen to find out about cool websites.  I've seen the Simply Be Women's Wear adverts on TV and always wondered what it was, turns out it's a cool online shop for women of size 14+.  For women over a size 14, it can be a nightmare trying to get clothes in high street stores, so it's fab that there is such a cool and trendy shop online with some great lines. There are also wide fitting shoes which I didn't know about which are great for me, with my big clown feet. Simply Be is especially great after having a baby, when you might be carrying a little extra weight and don't have time to go into shops to treat yourself to something new, Simply Be would be a fab alternative to actual real life shopping and some of the designs are ideal for a post baby body, like this dress. 
Simply Be Maxi Dress
Set yourself up with a set of "rules" like mine, then it makes shopping much less stressful and time consuming so you don't have to trawl through racks and racks of clothes, or pages and pages on a website. I also try to buy things that will fit in well with what I already have to create a kind of "capsule" wardrobe. Or maybe you have your own rules already, what are they?


  1. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Plus size clothes should be chosen and bought not because it just fits but also, it must be the style and fit that you want and suit you.

  2. I agree about shopping online, it's the best way to get stylish outfits.

  3. I think it's interesting that you don't wear black. So many plus size women think black is a must. Way to be unique!

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