Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thrifty Thursday £7 Warehouse Dress and Discount Bare Minerals Make-up!

I bobbed into our local town this morning, ostensibly to get my eyes checked as I am suffering woefully with hayfever, but I couldn't resist sticking my head in Warehouse (the sales assistant knows my name and life story) and saw this little beauty for £7! It has a zip all the way down the back and is very clingy and figure hugging. It will look great with some leggings and boots in winter and with some sort of heeled wedge sandal thing in summer.  To be honest the stripes are in the wrong place so the black bits are on my thin bits and the pink bits on my fat bits but hopefully I can get away with it. 

That's right, this was £7!
I also needed some more Bare Minerals Well Rested stuff (since using this as a concealer people no longer comment on how tired I look) and found some on ebay for £15.95 which might sound expensive, but it's cheaper than the shops and means I don't have to go to the effort of going into Leeds to buy it. 
Bare Minerals Well Rested
I also spotted this lovely shirt in Miss Selfridge the other day, I nearly bought at full price so was pretty pleased to see this reduced from £32 to £17 today! Do you remember when everyone used to call Miss Selfridge "Miss Selfridges" with an s on the end as if it was dead posh? When I was a youth growing up in Wakefield Miss Selfridge was the height of sophistication. I don't shop there anymore but to be honest I think the quality is similar to Warehouse/Oasis anyway and it's a bit cheaper.

Miss Selfridge Double Layer Top, £17 bargain!

That's all for now, busy busy busy!


  1. Knowing your love of bare minerals wanted to flag that jet2 have an offer on board with a discount of over £60. It's a starter kit for £30 odd that includes 4 products and brushes. Sx

    1. Thanks S, I know that kit but the lightest they do is fairly light and I'm ghostly fair. It is a bargain though thanks. I want to hear more about your TKmaxx bargain coat.


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