Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Win! AVG Family Safety Software...

As your children get older and spend more and more time online, you might want to start thinking about their online safety, since being online is clearly going to play a large part of their lives.

I can remember back in 1995 when I first had access to the internet at home, getting emails from someone claiming to be some sort of priest and requesting my help with putting some funds in a bank account. I was totally taken in by the email and although I didn't actually help with "his" request, I did email back saying I was ever so sorry but I thought he must have got the wrong person. How naive.

Today most of us are pretty cybher savvy but even hard nosed techies like me make mistakes sometimes, only recently I clicked on a "you've got a virus" link which promptly gave my computer a virus!
I've also had phone calls from people claiming they know my computer has a virus and asking me to give them my credit card details so they can put the software on my computer to get rid of it. Even though this makes no logical sense, I must admit a part of me was convinced.

With all this mind, I've got two AVG Family Safety licence vouchers up for grabs (details on the website and below). Simply leave your contact details here (twitter handle is fine) and I will randomly choose two people to win.
AVG were one of the stall holders at the Cybher conference back in May, and seem to really know what they're talking about when it comes to online safety.

Competition closes 26th July.

AVG Family Safety®

Keep your family safe online.

  • Protect your children from unsuitable websites
  • Monitor their searches
  • Be notified of cyber bullying and grooming


  1. Twitter handle : @Luigiboy10

    Looking forward to it, Thanks

  2. Forgot totally pls send my code! I won!!!!!


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