Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How I met your father...

I've never seen the TV series, "How I met your mother", and can only guess at the premise, but I sometimes feel that this blog comes across like I am a single parent coping on my own, the truth is anything but.

I met my husband eight years ago. I had just come out of a not-going-anywhere relationship and was not looking for anything serious. I had been living in Madrid for a while and had loved every minute, but I needed to come home as I was about to start what they call, a "proper" job. While I waited for that to start, I decided to go back to temping, not even for the money, but just to meet people and fill in the time before starting my "new life".

At the temping agency, I was offered two positions, a short term contract working as a PA at Harvey Nichols in Leeds, or as a PA at a large retail bank. I chose the former (of course!) but the recruitment consultant persuaded me to go for the longer term contract - the one at the bank.

I can honestly say that, to my surprise, I loved that job. I was working for a lovely girl called Emma who, eight years on, I now count as one of my best friends. I was working for a great team who really welcomed me and not once did they make me feel like "just a temp". I think they were mainly pleased that I could read and write and stuff but anyway, I really enjoyed it and toyed many times with the idea of staying on there long term. Sometimes I wish I had.

After the first few days of working there, a young man came over to introduce himself as he had been working away for a few days and hadn't been there when I started. We immediately "clicked" and that's all there was to it. I do not care if someone is "gorgeous" or whatever, it's childish and immature not to mention shallow, but in this instance I was struck by how gentle this man was and how he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say; and he was handsome. I somehow knew he would never let me down.

Within a few weeks our friendship deepened and after a works night out, we kissed, and that was that. Six months later we were engaged and I have never ever once regretted that. We married nearly two years to the day after we first met. I suppose some people thought it was too soon, but six years on we are still going strong and I can honestly say I still trust him implicitly and can attest to his gentle spirit and nature. He is a fantastic role model for our sons and will always be my soul mate.

Anyway, enough already, but there you go. And here we are., the man I

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