Monday, 27 August 2012

Last minute tips - Keeping Children Fit and Active Over the Summer...

We all know what the summer is like! As the novelty of the holidays start to wane, children can begin to grow a bit restless, sometimes complaining of boredom and lets not forget the copious amounts of tasty holiday treats which can leave them feeling a little sluggish. Here are some great suggestions for how to keep children fit and active, as well as entertained:
Take up a sport as a family
Taking up a sport with the rest of the family can be an enjoyable and bonding experience for your children. Try out sports with a competitive edge such as football, rounders, volleyball, badminton, or basketball to really get them motivated. Make sure to pick an activity that everyone involved is going to enjoy.
Walk or Cycle
Going somewhere? Get into the habit of walking or cycling instead of going in the car. This is an easy way for you and your child to get some exercise and stretch your legs. It is also a great opportunity to properly experience the outdoors and can be a nice change of scenery after all those videogames! If you get really enthusiastic you could even book a cycling holiday for next year.
Join a Gym
Joining a gym with your family can be ideal as you will all help to motivate each other. There are plenty of gym memberships to choose from and many have something to offer even the smallest member of your family. Make sure to take convenience and cost into account if you decide to go ahead with this plan, get a feel for what is on offer at different gyms before making your choice.
A dip in the pool is very popular with children and is a great way to cool down, especially when on holiday. So get swimming those lengths!
Beware of Injuries
Injuries can occur in the summer due to our tendency to push ourselves much further than we’re used to. Take care not to overdo each activity. Make sure to take frequent breaks and relax with a cool drink.
Happy Holidays!
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