Friday, 28 September 2012

Sofa Bed Dilemma

Being in a three bed house we have the usual dilemma - what to do when we have people to stay. Not that it happens very often, but as our boys have a bedroom each, there is literally nowhere for our guests to stay. We've debated many times how to get around this, we've had long detailed plans about how we are going to put the boys together in one room, have a playroom, have a guest room, an office and the like,  but we've never come to an agreement. The thing is that if we put the boys together in one room, the "spare" room would just become a nothing room with drying, laptops, junk and general dumped stuff. Instead we've decided to get a stylish sofa bed like these ones at Tesco.

So what we propose to do is when Son 2 is in his own bed (shouldn't be too long now) rather than cot (how much room do cots take up?!) there will be space in his room to pop a smallish sofa bed. We have a small sofa (excess furniture from our last house move!) in Son 1's room and it's great for snuggling on and reading stories. I figure that something similar that converts into a bed in Son 2's room will mean that we can actually have guests to stay and possible sleep overs for the boys too.

It's so hard being in a three bed house, but moving would inevitably mean a four bed house with two smallish bed rooms which would be a step down from three double ones. Tricky one, how many bedrooms do you have?


  1. Sounds like a good plan to me. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 kids, so we have a sofa bed as well. It's come in very handy!

    Usually what happens is my oldest takes the sofa bed in the basement so he can stay up playing horrible video games as usual, and we take his room so guests have the main floor to themselves.

    Other times we've had it for loud girly giggling sleepovers and guests are strewn across the pull-out and the various couches.

  2. Thanks Eddie, it's just the sheer room that the sofa bed takes up! Space is in short supply!

  3. The delimma between sofa bed is great. Get some ideas from here


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