Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thrifty Thursday £9.99 BARGAIN skinny jeans! And bargain Jackpot shirt!

This time last Saturday I was pretty pleased with life. My husband had kindly agreed to take our boys to see the latest Thomas film and said he would take one for the team so I could take a look round the shops, bliss. For some people, spending their Saturdays buying clothes might seem like a normal weekly activity, but I suspect not many of those people are reading this blog. Even so, I felt the usual tug of time wearing away at me, as I knew I only had about 90 minutes and by that time my husband would be pretty much at the end of his tether.

I had a look round in Oasis first of all, to see what they have in for A/W, there were two things that caught my eye, firstly, these lovely skinny jeans.
Cherry Rinse Wash Skinny Jeans - £48
I don't know whether you will be able to tell from this picture, but they are a lovely dark blue colour. Jeans like this are your one denim essential as they can be both dressed up and dressed down, and as long as they keep their colour, will always look smart. It's a really good idea to turn them inside out when you wash them as well to help them retain their "newness".

I was umming and ahhing about spending £48 on them, even though there was a 20% off day. I decided to go and think about it, and on my way out spotted this amazing cardy/cover up. Everyone else must think they are lovely too as there were only 2 left....
Oasis Sequin Yarn Cardigan £55.
 It's not a great picture, but in real life it's amazing, full of sparkles and really silvery looking, it would look great with the skinny jeans. There was a 30% off day yesterday, I wish I'd bought it!

Anyway, while I had the luxury of some time to think about the jeans, I popped into H&M and tried on a load of stuff as I was after a white casual shirt to wear with jeans and a blazer. I tried loads on, to no avail. I think I must have very large hands as I couldn't get most of them past my wrists, it made me feel really feminine...

On my way to the fitting rooms I spotted these dark blue skinny jeans for only £9.99!
H&M Skinny low jeans £9.99
I tried them on, and loved them! Although the material is thinner than the Oasis ones, they were just as comfortable and a fraction of the price. I tried the 28/32 ones on and they were ok but I have a 32 leg exactly so the 30/32 just allowed them to drop down a bit more so that the leg fit perfectly. I'm really pleased with them, even if they don't last long it's still a bargain!

I did eventually find a white shirt, from a shop called Jackpot  on Amazon of all places. I had some Amazon vouchers to spend so had a look on there, I know Jackpot is quite an expensive shop so was surprised to see this for only £22.  Anyway, the Jackpot Saselina Women's Shirt arrived today and I love it! Really relaxed and comfy AND a fraction of the shop price!
Jackpot Saselina Women's Shirt

Anyway, that's all for now!


  1. I'm wearing my bargain H and M jeans at the moment - like you said they are a bit thinner, but such a good price I dont mind! I like mine long and they come in all lengths which is great so I 'm happy too! And I had to size up in the blouse as the sleeve openings were too tight! If you look in some of the photos the models have the buttons of the sleeves undone too so I think it's their fault not ours! X

    1. You have them too! cool! What were your thoughts on the grey ones? Also I could do with some winter boot inspiration! xx


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