Friday, 26 October 2012

Polarn O. Pyret Review!

Luxury clothes are usually my domain, much as I love my children, I have never seen the point in spending a lot of money on their clothes. My experience has always been that it doesn't matter how much I've spent, they get wrecked anyway. Having said that, I was pretty happy to receive these lovely thermals from Polarn O. Pyret the other day. 

Polarn O. Pyret is an online clothes store for children, here's a bit about them....

"From humble beginnings in Stockholm in 1976 with striped jersey and a desire to make better clothes for children, we are now a company with over 110 stores across Sweden and Europe. As it turns out, Swedish children and parents are not the only ones who appreciate our quality, design and function. We are now looking forward to entering new markets. And taking our ambition to make the best children’s clothes in the world with us." 

In the thermal gear!

Now even though this is clearly marketed as outerwear (I can imagine it being worn under a ski suit for example) I am not the outdoor type. In fact I have never been to a real ski slope, partly because I think they will be full of insufferable snobs, partly because I know I will be terrible at it and embarrass myself and partly because I don't like being cold. Anyway, back to the thermals, as my son wakes up cold so frequently in the night (yes we've tried a sleeping bag but he always escapes) I thought some good old thermal wear might be just the ticket. The colours are lovely (might be worth not washing them with whites though!) and bright. But the best thing is, it is a genuinely WARM outfit (as you might expect). I was a bit surprised, as the material does feel a bit thin, but when it came to it, he was snug as a bug in a rug.

Rear View
On the website itself there are plenty of items for all occasions, I love the baby vests - they really scream Swedish design. Lovely products, different to what's in high street stores, better quality and not that much more expensive, LOVE!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Red Hot Buffet Leeds!

We love a good lunch out, we're not really bothered where we go but it has to be child friendly, of course. Child friendly can mean lots of different things, but in my book, this is what it actually means...
  • good high chairs without ingrained stains on them.
  • kids cutlery
  • a loud background noise to drown out the screaming sound
  • sympathetic staff
  • child friendly food (not too spicey, not too, erm,dry?)
  • QUICK!
One of the places we like to go to is Red Hot Buffet Leeds because it fulfills my very strict criteria!

So the way it works is, you are shown to your seat (whatever you do, book in advance, it gets very VERY busy) then you basically go up and fill your boots AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE (or can). When we went, I could not believe how many different types of food there are, it works really well if, like me, you don't like Chinese food, but your husband doesn't like curry, so you get the best of both worlds! Here is a list of just a small section of their dishes..
Pork with Apple and Sage
Roast Vegetable Lasagne
Traditional Italian Osso Bucco
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Korma
Shahi Lamb Curry
Lamb Rogan Josh
Bombay Potato
Balti Chicken

They also have pizza, mexican food, sushi, Thai food, French cuisine and a MASSIVE section of starters and desserts too. Don't eat breakfast on that day, that's my advice.

Our kids also love it as there is no pressure for them to finish something if they don't like it, they can simply leave it and try something else (not good for general life but fine on a special occasion).

There is such a hum of noise that it doesn't matter if your toddler has the odd screaming fit. I would say that most people come in large groups as it works well like that as everyone knows what they will have to pay so there is no worry about someone ordering lobster and someone having a bread roll then being forced to pay the same for a split bill (Emma you know what I'm talking about!).

Best of all, it's quick. If you need to rush through, you don't need to wait ages for your food to arrive as everything is instantaneous. Unlike other similar chains, the food at Red Hot Buffet is really good, genuinely good food, and I am quite fussy.

Give it a try, let me know what you think!

Champagne Holiday with!

I don't normally announce our holidays on my blog, just in case burglars are reading and stuff, but this one I couldn't keep quiet about... we are going on hols! We have been assisted by the lovely and will be staying in a beautiful gite just near enough to both Paris and Champagne to be exciting.  We went to Champagne a few years ago, well actually it's more like 7 years ago, oooh that's scary. We had the most wonderful week away, traipsing from Champagne houses with big grins on our faces. It was unbelievably cheap to have a tour of each place, about £5 - and for that you could basically have as much Champagne as you could drink, absolute bliss, best holiday ever.

This time, we have to choose somewhere a bit more appropriate to stay for our two boys, so we have chosen this fabulous gite which is located in an actual Champagne vineyard, how cool is that?!

Champagne Gite

Can't WAIT!
Of course no holiday to this part of France would be complete without a trip to DISNEYLAND PARIS! Yes, it may not be your thing, it's not mine either, but the boys will love it. I am so excited, a bit nervous too, but we badly need a break. HOLIDAYS!

We have been lucky enough to have been given this holiday by but all thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fairies in a Jar!

I don't know what it is, but I'm feeling crafty at the moment, though everyone knows the best crafts are completed once the children are in bed. I can it "testing it out" but usually I never actually repeat the craft! With Halloween coming up, I really love this "Fairies in a Jar" idea, I got if from another website a while ago, but can't remember where!  My son is really into Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, so I thought it would be nice to make him his very own fairy jar so he can pretend he is Peter Pan!

All you need is a jar and some fluorescent paint, mine came from Hobbycraft. Basically you need to dab the INSIDE of the jar with the paint (do smaller dots than I did to make it look better!), do as many as you can then leave to dry. Once the paint is dry, you then need to charge the paint to ensure it glows once it's dark. This takes quite a while and it's probably best to leave it on a windowsill all day.
Fairies in a Jar innit.
Once the paint is all "charged" (there is science there but I don't know what), you are ready to go. Take the jar into a darkened room and watch the "fairies" light up! My son was utterly entranced and delighted. It's a great way to introduce a story about fairies and really bring it to life.

Happy fairy making!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Faux Fur for Winter Warmth

As temperatures drop and the first of the winter gales blow in, women’s thoughts turn to buying that essential jacket or coat that will combine style with keeping you warm in the coldest weather.  There’s lots of fur on the catwalks this autumn – the good news is that it’s faux fur, providing designers with the chance to be ultra-creative with colours and styles.  Patchwork patterns of different textures and dyed faux fur give short jackets originality and fun, and look just as good over jeans as worn with a maxi evening dress.  The catch-word on cut and style this season is variety, so jackets are cropped and wasp-waisted, whilst maxi-coats sweep to the floor, or, military-style, are severely tailored with above the knee hemlines. 

G-Star's jacket, available from next, teams comfort with style £190
The Next collection of A/W women’s coats has an in-look Lipsy faux-fur cropped jacket with irregular stripes and buttoned front.  Style with the season’s straight-cut leather trousers, or the latest in geometric pattern printed trousers featured in InStyle Magazine, and a cheeky beret, for an ultra-chic look.  For a more feminine style, try on a delicious leopard print faux fur straight cut jacket with a deep collar, ideal for turning up against those chilly breezes.
And because the big fashion story for A/W is embellishment, look out for faux fur on cuffs, hemlines, and lining the hoods of this season’s fashionable parkas.  For the ultimate in warmth, Next have a G-star long black padded nylon jacket with fur-lined hood which is both practical and stylish, and looks great worn with the latest in footwear, black strappy bikers boots.   Accessories have also picked up the craze, and handbags have gone giant and furry, with animal print faux-fur hold-alls being seen on the high street, or fun and fluffy clutch bags for evening wear reflecting current trends.  Faux-fur snoods twisted around your neck look great with a plain wool or leather jacket, and you can add a touch of fun with a pair of patchwork coloured fur mittens.   
To take up the full Cossack look seen on some of the Paris fashion catwalks, go for a tailored full-length wool mix coat in a dark grey, deep green or tobacco brown, worn with long leather boots and a faux-fur  Cossack hat, cosy enough for striding across the Steppes of Russia!   

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Edible Paints!

My one year old son loves painting, but unfortunately he also loves eating paints! I like to encourage messy play even though it's.... messy. But to be honest my house is a tip anyway so it barely matters :)

So here are some ideas for baby painting that won't involve ingestion of a load of harsh chemicals. First of all jut mix some cornflour with warm water and food colouring until you get the desired consistency. You can actually make lots of different colours if you separate it out before adding the colouring. You can use jam jars as paint pots though I also like milk powder dispensers as I have no use for them and they are a good size. Your child could paint with either a brush if it's clean or their fingers instead. Obviously it's not food that's meant to be eaten but if a bit gets in their mouth then no harm done!

You can also get cheap Angel Delight packet mixes (supermarket own is about 6p) and make that into edible paint too, adding different food colourings to get different effects. Whatever you do, do not leave a four year old alone with the colourings, they will try to mix them all together to make a horrible splurge colour which will then spill on the floor!

We had a great time painting with the edible paints, here are some of our results!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sponsored Video - The Red Cross

There comes a time in every family, where despite all your best efforts, you have to ask for help elsewhere. A few weeks ago we saw on advert on TV for British Red Cross and noticed that they do lots more than help in war zones and provide medical aid in dangerous areas, they help people in crisis in the UK too.  Sometimes when a loved one comes out of hospital, it can be quite a lonely experience and also isolating.  That's where British Red Cross come in, they are a volunteer led organisation that help people in crisis, no matter where or who they are. A lot of people know the story of how British Red Cross helped people out in World War 1 and 2 by sending medical supplies and parcels to those on the front line, but their work goes on, and last year they helped 1 million people in the UK.

The British Red Cross can provide help for those in need or their carers, providing short term help and support. I wish we had known about them in the last few years, as sometimes when a relative is ill, it can be hard to know where to turn or who to turn to, it can become a matter of pride where it becomes too difficult to ask for help. Support British Red Cross by visiting their Facebook page or saying hello on twitter.

This is a sponsored post.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Pretty as a Picture in Folk Dresses!

If you are less keen on the tailored military look for autumn/winter fashions this season you are in luck.  Equally inspired by the spate of costume dramas on the silver screen, and Keira Knightley’s latest role in Anna Karenina, the influence of 19th Century Russian women’s costumes and peasant dresses has been visibly translated to high street fashion.
If you are in love with the pretty and hippy, then this latest style is very much for you.  The other good news is that it’s not budget-busting.  Start with a long skirt or dress in one of the bold “Matryona doll” floral prints and go for the layered look, with a contrasting blouse looped over a wide leather belt.  Next have some perfect maxi dresses for achieving the style.  Build from their berry floral woven maxi dress in deep maroon with a bold floral pattern, worn under a floral print top, tucked in at the waist with a chocolate plaque filigree-clasped belt, and you have achieved the whole look for under £70!

User-added image
The floral maxi-dress has AW12 staying power!
Vintage clothes stores can be a good source of pretty blouses to layer over dresses or jeans, and enormous shawls with sweeping fringes.  To go really colourful, take your cue from the Berit New York Gipsy Folk 2012 collection, which is influenced by Romani, Indian and Middle Eastern textiles and colours.  Rich deep yellows glow against ruby reds, and skirts are long with multi-layered hemlines.  Patchwork and velvets create delicious belted jackets for evening or day wear,  and floral print bolero jackets with fringed edgings are worn over lacy blouses and maxi skirts.  Achieving the look for yourself, first turn to your mother’s wardrobe – she just might have saved that hippy skirt she used to wear in the seventies!  Search out deeply fringed silk shawls to wear casually knotted over a peasant-style white blouse, with a silk waistcoat.  A full skirt worn over layers of petticoats will complete the authentic look.  Try specialist antique stalls and shops selling lace and old petticoats to find a bargain.

If you want to splash out, then invest in a pair of this season’s long boots to go with the folk style.  The contrast between a chunky heeled rider boot style and the prettiness of the layered and fringed peasant and gipsy look is what you are aiming for.  

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Top 5 Womens Shoes for Busy Mums in Autumn/Winter

Sadly for the busiest of mums, style is often forced to take a backseat to comfort when shopping for footwear. Practicality is key, however when it comes to womens shoes for the colder months ahead, even fashionable footwear can still support a mum who constantly has to be on her feet. If you’re in search of the right balance of style and comfort, take a peek at Next UK for a great selection of womens shoes for the autumn and winter. For mums who need a gentle nudge in the right direction, here are the top 5 shoe styles all mums should have in her wardrobe:
1. Ballet Flats
The ultimate in practicality, every mum should own at least one pair of ballet flats. With no heels to worry about, these stylish womens shoes are easy on eyes as well on the feet and back. Though they are a wardrobe staple, it doesn’t mean they have to be plain or simple. The Leopard Print Asymmetric Point Ballerinas (pictured) from Next literally make the point apparent. The gorgeous animal print and unusual design demonstrate the range of styles available for a ballerina flat.
The Leopard Print Asymmetric Point Ballerinas

2. Flat Fashion Boots
Indisputably, autumn is the season of the boot. Busy mums can keep their feet dry and fashionable in a pair of flat leather boots. Get some boots made for walking (and running after toddlers!) like celeb mum Gwen Stefani.
3. Trainers With a Twist
For mums who are constantly on their feet, trainers tend to be the go to choice. Luckily no other footwear choice could be more practical or on trend. This season has seen a great vogue for sporty kicks following the great success of the Summer 2012 Olympics. Not all fashion trainers are created equal, so if you’re feeling glam, go for a pair of glittery high tops.
4. Cosy Slippers
A snug pair of fur-lined slippers is the comfort wear of choice for those priceless, quiet moments and a bit of mummy me-time. As the mornings and nights grow colder, warm slippers will surely become indispensible.
5. Feel Good Heels
Even the busiest of mums need a show stopping pair of heels for no other reason than for their feel-good factor. Practicality counts for little on a great girl’s night out, so be sure to keep at least one pair of killer heels on hand.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Review - Wrappz cases!

A few months ago I experienced something of a trauma, even if it was vicariously. My husband's iPhone smashed. I nearly cried on his behalf, it was so upsetting, but he was very calm and serene about it and didn't shout once.  Anyway, with this in mind, we decided to invest in some cases, but I haven't been able to find anything I like. So I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to review these fab phone cases from Wrappz. They have iPhone cases, iPad, kindle cases, the lot! You can choose between skins (from £7.99) or hard cases (from £18.97), depending on what you prefer, and you can either choose from one of their fab designs, or design your own (which I did).

Funky Wrappz Phone Case

Being a bit of a LV fan, but not a fan of the price tag, I designed by own looky likey LV case and it looks great! Really cool, colourful and fun too.  You can also choose to use picture of your own, e.g. a picture of your family or children so that you can look at them whenever you like! Very cute idea. You can also go for stunning and calming photography or slogans like "Keep Calm and Carry on". 

Designing your own skin or hard case couldn't be easier, and is simply a case of uploading a suitable image which takes about two seconds.  There are a variety of sizes to suit all sorts of iPads, iPods, kindles, iPhones and other phones too. I'm really pleased with my phone and how cool it looks, and even more pleased that it should now be protected from being dropped! RIP hubby's phone :(

These thoughts are my own but I did receive a free case for my phone from Wrappz before writing this review.

My new Easywalker June!

It's here it's here! I was so very very excited to receive my new Easywalker June the other day. I had a lovely conversation with the wonderful and very helpful Isabella who ran me through the workings of my new trendy pushchair...

My initial thoughts are how comfortable it is for my son. The seat is much more padded than what he's used to which can only be a good thing. From our point of view, because we are tall it is the first time we haven't had to stoop as the handles are extendable.

We went on a country walk on Saturday and it handles very nicely especially on rough ground. The small tyres will take some getting used to on pavements but I think that's just a practice thing. It folds up beautifully and would work really well in any car.

I'll be posting regular updates about the June so come back of you want to hear more!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

House of Fraser, Dresses and Me!

I have a wedding coming up! Not my own, that was a while ago, but a wedding nonetheless. Like any normal woman I am already worrying thinking about what I am going to wear. Mercifully, we are not taking our children to this wedding, it's not a fun day for anyone when that happens. Instead we are going as a couple, it will be nice to just spend some time together, like a date! Apart from all the people around us of course!

Anyway, although I have quite a few dresses that I have only worn once, since I hardly ever go anywhere that warrants wearing a dress, it seems a shame to wear something twice doesn't it!

For me, it's quicker and easier just to search on a department store's website as most high street stores can be found on there anyway, and it means everything is in one place, for this purpose I've chosen House of Fraser. Since I've lost loads of weight recently, I want to choose something quite figure hugging without looking ridiculous. I quite like the ruching effect perfected by Isabella Oliver, however they don't do anything "dressy" enough for a wedding, so I'm looking elsewhere.
First port of call is good old LK Bennett, I like this Ariella dress in Fuschia and I also like the fact that it can be dressed up for a wedding, but dressed down as well for the day.  I actually tried it on in store the other week and it was most flattering, the ruching definitely covers all lumps and bumps and you can adjust the neck in different ways to make it quite versatile too. It's in the sale too, £95 was £185! (it was £110 on Saturday!).
Ariella Dress - LK Bennett
 I also like this Slinky Knot Jersey Dress from Pied a Terre, (£180)though I didn't know they did clothing as well as shoes. I saw someone wearing something similar at a party recently and she said it was from Pied a Terre, it looked really chic and flattering. There are also loads of colours and also a long sleeved version, very difficult to choose! I love the shape and wide neckline to balance out my broad hips, though it goes without saying that this is a dress that MUST be worn with heels. Quite pricey but I think you could wear this for years to come.
Slinky Knot Jersey Dress - Pied a Terre

I love this little number from JS Collections, again ruched and very flattering looking. It also gets good reviews and is in the sale! Result! The dark pink is very flattering and I think would go with any skin tone, there are also plenty of other colours that go with this, namely black, so you don't need to splash out on new shoes as well.  Was £150 now £75 with loads of sizes left.
Short Ruched Cowl Dress - JS Collection
And finally, what a bargain from Dickins and Jones, was £70 now £17.50! They only have a size 10 left but I reckon this would fit up to a 14 as it's flattering jersey material. It's not ruched or tight fitting, but it's a great day dress and I like it! Plus, what a bargain! A great Christmas day dress.
Jersey Dress - Dickins and Jones

There are hundreds of other dresses on the website, for more dresses, click here.
Happy shopping!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Children - can you afford the cost?

New research from the Child Poverty Action Group (funded by the Joseph Rowntree
Foundation) has estimated the average cost of raising a child until the age of 18.

It found that it would cost £143,000 overall - or £150 for each week - and that a full-
time job on National Minimum Wage is no longer enough to keep up with those
costs. In today's climate of wage freezes and benefit squeezes, many parents are in a
difficult financial situation.

An expert from debt specialists Freeman Jones commented that your child's education
could be costing you more than you imagined, when you think about school uniform,
lunches, trips, stationery, etc.

"And it's not just raising kids up to school-leaving age that could cost parents a
fortune if they're not careful. With older kids heading off to university or perhaps
temporarily back at home after graduation, the Bank of Mum and Dad is often still
expected to pay out," the expert added.

It can be hard to juggle the cost of raising a child with other things, like mortgage
payments, bills and petrol. So what can parents do to keep their finances under

Well, it helps to start with a budget. Making a budget can really show you how your
finances are doing. Note down your household's monthly earnings and compare that
against how much you spend. Think about the different areas where your money goes
and see whether there are any areas where you could cut back for a while.

The spokesperson pointed out that: "Planning ahead now could help you to take some
pressure off your finances in the future too. If you can afford to put some money aside
every month now, it could go a long way to covering future costs for your kids, e.g.
college/university fees or helping them out with a deposit for their first flat/home."

It can also help to embrace 'frugality'. For example, do you need to buy a school
uniform for your youngest child - or could they wear their older sibling's old uniform?
Do they need new trousers, or could you patch that hole up?

Of course, this advice can only go so far. If you've tried everything you can think
of and you're still in a sticky financial situation, it's important to get expert help as
soon as you can: even smaller debt problems can spiral out of control if they're left

This is a sponsored post.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A day alone in Leeds, eyebrow threading, bargain M&S jumpers, perfect black trousers!

Today something happened that I have been waiting for for a very long time: a leisurely day alone. In days gone by, I didn't really enjoy spending time alone, and quickly became lonely. Now, with children around me all the time, I must admit I crave spending time alone and would never get bored. Anyway, today I got my wish! I will never ever tire of Leeds, it's ever changing, ever growing. The people are friendly in a way that I like, and with my new found friends in LK Bennett who gave me a glass of cava, how could I be lonely anyway?

I passed a place on the Headrow called "Hind" a few weeks ago and noticed that they do eyebrow threading. I've never had this done before but have heard it's very good so I decided to take the opportunity to pop in and get my eyebrows seen to. I can shape them ok myself but it's the tiny hairs under the brow that are difficult to get rid of. It was a tad painful but I think it was worth it, the effect is really good and I've noticed that my make up sits loads better on my eyes and it's really opened them up. I was talking to a lady in LK Bennett about her eyebrows afterwards and she recommending this Benefit Brow Zings. It's got a wax as well as a powder (and tweezers and two little brushes!) which means that the powder stays in place for ages. It was £22.50 which is a lot but apparently it lasts a year so I didn't mind too much. Anyway, here are the result of the waxing (excuse the redness!) and the Brow Zings!

Benefit Brow Zings £22.50

I was recently reading my favourite fashion blog Style Guile who had a great idea for how to "upgrade" a very reasonably priced M&S jumper. These cashmilion jumpers are a very reasonable 2 for £20, though it's worth sizing down as they are quite generous and could be shapeless if you're not careful.
This idea is not my own but is utterly Beth's from Style Guile, but I wanted to show you it anyway (please visit her blog too!).

So basically, you take an ordinary jumper as you can see, a bit boring. 
M&S Cashmilion Jumper £12.50 or 2 for £20
Then you add a collar from H&M (this one was £14.99). There were a few designs of collars in H&M but this one took my eye and I think looks really chic. The only thing is that the beads are not attached very securely, I pointed this out and they knocked off 10%, bargain mummy strikes again!
Since it was 2 for £20 it would have been rude not to get 2, so I bought a plum and a mustard coloured one. To be honest I was looking for black in the round neck style, but they had completely sold out which was a bit annoying.
M&S Cashmilion Jumper
M&S Cashmilion Jumper
Last week I was desperately hunting for some new black trousers after I had to take my M&S cigarette trousers back. They were too tight for work and not really going outish either, so although they were nice I took them back. I only keep things I am definitely going to wear these days. Anyway, I happened to pop into Laura Ashley of all places in Ilkley the other day. I spotted these beautiful "treggings" - I managed to squeeze into a size 8 which almost made me buy them just to celebrate that fact! Anyway, the material is really thick and comfortable, great quality. I can honestly say they are lovely, they are the best trousers I have ever owned, and half price at £32.50. I thought there were some great buys in the Laura Ashley event, also a tweed jacket/cardy in purple that could pass as a blazer.
Laura Ashley Putney Slim Trousers

Back of the top
As it was my birthday a few weeks ago, I needed a top to wear for our evening out in Leeds. I really wanted something chic and unusual and found this lace back top in Warehouse in Leeds for £35. It looks nothing special on the website but in real life is beautiful, I do think that a nice tan might set it off though, as I look ghostly pale in it! Still, it goes well with my olive tregging and boots. I think it will also go really nicely with my black trousers.
Warehouse Lace Back Pin Tuck Top - £35
So that's it for today, I had such a nice day just browsing round and looking for lovely things, I had forgotten what fun it was, and I hardly spent any money as I had so much to take back! Fun times.

(Sorry about the formatting, I've uploaded the photos from my phone and can't seem to get them quite right!)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Win a Cookery Lesson with Daniel Galmiche

There are so many cookery programs on television at the moment, from baking to hairy bikers, I never seem to have time to watch any of them, though I would really like to improve my cooking skills, nothing good about having warm up food all the time! I think what I need to do is send myself on a cookery course so I can actually learn some basic skills. I can follow a recipe to the letter but when it comes to instinctive cooking I am pretty much useless.

You can win the chance to spend a day cooking with famous chef Daniel Galmiche head chef of The Vineyard as Stockcross, Berkshire on Saturday 3rd November. Greeted with champagne and canap├ęs, 4 lucky winners will get a tour of The Vineyard’s impressive wine cellars and kitchen, followed by a personal cooking lesson with the man himself! The day will then be topped off with a delicious five course tasting lunch at The Vineyard.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is answer the following question:

What recipe does Daniel cook in Brixham?

To find the answer, make sure you watch our Daniel Galmiche video series, where he visits his fish, beef and vegetable suppliers to source seasonal ingredients to cook three delicious recipes in the
Panasonic Combination Microwave Oven.

Click here to enter the competition and the answers to the question can be found in one of these three videos, watch and see if you can spot the answer! : :

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Contact Lenses - How much!?

Twenty years ago, at the tender age of 14, I was bought my first pair of contact lenses. Back then, along with the invention of the wheel, contact lenses were still relatively unusual, especially for a 14 year old. However I was sick and tired of not being able to see anything, waving to strangers across who I thought were friends, not being able to play sport because I couldn't see properly, the list goes on. I remember my first pair of lenses were gas permeable ones, which was a bit like putting a brick in my eye.  However, my parents were paying and I was assured it was the cheapest and healthiest option, anyway, what did I know?

I struggled on with them for four years, if a speck of dust got under them it was akin to torture, they dried out easily, too a second to drop back into place if you looked up suddenly, in short they were a nightmare. When I was 18 I took myself down to the opticians and insisted on trying soft lenses, best thing I ever did. They are infinitely superior in every way and I have never looked back. Having said that, the cost is rather irritating and I can't help but wonder what I'm actually paying for sometimes.

I've thought about saving money on this and figure that the way forward it to buy Contact Lenses Online.

Basically if you know your prescription you can buy via their website and your lenses will be with you quick smart.  At the moment I buy monthly lenses which cost around £10 per month, using Get Lenses (for example) you can get three pairs for the same price!  I suppose the thing you don't have are the contact lense check ups but they do have an in house optician should you have any questions or worries. They have loads of options to choose from including daily lenses which is something I am seriously considering due to the allergies I suffer when doing house work (I am allergic to it :)). On the website they have 30 dailies for £9.99 which is what I'm paying now so it might be worth considering. Love the thought of a new fresh pair of lenses each day rather than old soiled ones.

Saves you time and money... love!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My New Easywalker June!

There comes a time in every parents life when you have to make the decision to get rid of the double pushchair. My oldest son is now four and a half and although he hardly ever goes in the double Phil&Teds anymore, we always use the double kit for storage of bags and just in case we have to walk far. However a few weeks ago he was sitting in the pushchair when we saw the head teacher of his school up ahead! I went into a blind panic and immediately insisted that he get out before she saw!  With that in mind we are finally selling the Phil&Teds after many happy times together. It has had four punctures but I attribute that to the sheer weight it has had to bear.

With lucky timing, I've been offered a stroller to review for Son 2 (who is still only 19 months) which will be just for him as it's probably one of the first times he has had something which hasn't been a hand me down. I'm really excited about reviewing the Easywalker June and it is coming this Friday!

"Because the june is COMPACT, in use (short and small) and folded, fits in a Mini Cooper. COMPLETE, padded reversible large seat, a full size carrycot and prepared for car seats. COMFORTABLE, because of the 4 suspension and shock absorbing air filled tires and super strong construction.  Also the june is USER-FRIENDLY, folds in one movement with seat in every position."

I even got to choose the colours and the frame type which was the best job ever. I went for a red and black seat with a silver frame, it is going to look very very cool and most of all very cosy and comfy for Son 2.  When I had Son 1, I decided to get a pliko pramette which in hindsight was a big mistake as I had constant pushchair envy when I saw someone smugly walk past with a Quinny or Bugaboo. Now I will be the recipient of pushchair envy!

Easywalker June
Anyway, here are some pics....what do you think, how lucky am I? Thanks Easywalker!

That will be mine, oh yes...


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