Saturday, 6 October 2012

A day alone in Leeds, eyebrow threading, bargain M&S jumpers, perfect black trousers!

Today something happened that I have been waiting for for a very long time: a leisurely day alone. In days gone by, I didn't really enjoy spending time alone, and quickly became lonely. Now, with children around me all the time, I must admit I crave spending time alone and would never get bored. Anyway, today I got my wish! I will never ever tire of Leeds, it's ever changing, ever growing. The people are friendly in a way that I like, and with my new found friends in LK Bennett who gave me a glass of cava, how could I be lonely anyway?

I passed a place on the Headrow called "Hind" a few weeks ago and noticed that they do eyebrow threading. I've never had this done before but have heard it's very good so I decided to take the opportunity to pop in and get my eyebrows seen to. I can shape them ok myself but it's the tiny hairs under the brow that are difficult to get rid of. It was a tad painful but I think it was worth it, the effect is really good and I've noticed that my make up sits loads better on my eyes and it's really opened them up. I was talking to a lady in LK Bennett about her eyebrows afterwards and she recommending this Benefit Brow Zings. It's got a wax as well as a powder (and tweezers and two little brushes!) which means that the powder stays in place for ages. It was £22.50 which is a lot but apparently it lasts a year so I didn't mind too much. Anyway, here are the result of the waxing (excuse the redness!) and the Brow Zings!

Benefit Brow Zings £22.50

I was recently reading my favourite fashion blog Style Guile who had a great idea for how to "upgrade" a very reasonably priced M&S jumper. These cashmilion jumpers are a very reasonable 2 for £20, though it's worth sizing down as they are quite generous and could be shapeless if you're not careful.
This idea is not my own but is utterly Beth's from Style Guile, but I wanted to show you it anyway (please visit her blog too!).

So basically, you take an ordinary jumper as you can see, a bit boring. 
M&S Cashmilion Jumper £12.50 or 2 for £20
Then you add a collar from H&M (this one was £14.99). There were a few designs of collars in H&M but this one took my eye and I think looks really chic. The only thing is that the beads are not attached very securely, I pointed this out and they knocked off 10%, bargain mummy strikes again!
Since it was 2 for £20 it would have been rude not to get 2, so I bought a plum and a mustard coloured one. To be honest I was looking for black in the round neck style, but they had completely sold out which was a bit annoying.
M&S Cashmilion Jumper
M&S Cashmilion Jumper
Last week I was desperately hunting for some new black trousers after I had to take my M&S cigarette trousers back. They were too tight for work and not really going outish either, so although they were nice I took them back. I only keep things I am definitely going to wear these days. Anyway, I happened to pop into Laura Ashley of all places in Ilkley the other day. I spotted these beautiful "treggings" - I managed to squeeze into a size 8 which almost made me buy them just to celebrate that fact! Anyway, the material is really thick and comfortable, great quality. I can honestly say they are lovely, they are the best trousers I have ever owned, and half price at £32.50. I thought there were some great buys in the Laura Ashley event, also a tweed jacket/cardy in purple that could pass as a blazer.
Laura Ashley Putney Slim Trousers

Back of the top
As it was my birthday a few weeks ago, I needed a top to wear for our evening out in Leeds. I really wanted something chic and unusual and found this lace back top in Warehouse in Leeds for £35. It looks nothing special on the website but in real life is beautiful, I do think that a nice tan might set it off though, as I look ghostly pale in it! Still, it goes well with my olive tregging and boots. I think it will also go really nicely with my black trousers.
Warehouse Lace Back Pin Tuck Top - £35
So that's it for today, I had such a nice day just browsing round and looking for lovely things, I had forgotten what fun it was, and I hardly spent any money as I had so much to take back! Fun times.

(Sorry about the formatting, I've uploaded the photos from my phone and can't seem to get them quite right!)


  1. Lucky you - sounds like a great day out! LOVE the collar you've put with those totally transforms an average looking jumper into something really special. You chose great colours too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Avril x

    1. Thank you! M&S did a lovely fur collar too (that was on style guile too) but I thought it was a bit "old" for me....maybe I'm kidding myself!

    2. The fur was nice too but the one you've chosen is easier to wear all year looks so good, M&S should have done that in the first place. You'll have to join Beth in her styling event at the end of November. You'd make a dynamo double act :)

    3. Ha I'm nowhere neat as stylish as Beth! I'm not an M&S cardholder so don't think I can go to it can I?

    4. Not sure - perhaps not...I'm not either! Just as well....I'd be spending more money I don't have!

  2. This collar is lovely. The jumpers are great too - may have to grab a couple of those as have been looking for some knitwear at good prices. X

    1. It's hard isn't it as good knitwear is so expensive but I'm not buying cotton masquerading as knitwear anymore! I actually bought a lovely lambswool cardy in Crew the other day. It has leather buckle detail on the top though it was £85 though had 20% code - will post about it later! If you do get the M&S ones buy online as the colours are mainly sold out in store!


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