Sunday, 21 October 2012

Edible Paints!

My one year old son loves painting, but unfortunately he also loves eating paints! I like to encourage messy play even though it's.... messy. But to be honest my house is a tip anyway so it barely matters :)

So here are some ideas for baby painting that won't involve ingestion of a load of harsh chemicals. First of all jut mix some cornflour with warm water and food colouring until you get the desired consistency. You can actually make lots of different colours if you separate it out before adding the colouring. You can use jam jars as paint pots though I also like milk powder dispensers as I have no use for them and they are a good size. Your child could paint with either a brush if it's clean or their fingers instead. Obviously it's not food that's meant to be eaten but if a bit gets in their mouth then no harm done!

You can also get cheap Angel Delight packet mixes (supermarket own is about 6p) and make that into edible paint too, adding different food colourings to get different effects. Whatever you do, do not leave a four year old alone with the colourings, they will try to mix them all together to make a horrible splurge colour which will then spill on the floor!

We had a great time painting with the edible paints, here are some of our results!


  1. You are a star! My little one loves to get messy (sorry creative) but I have to admit to being very worried about letting her near any commercial paints however safe they promise to be for kids. You have become my paint hero. My daughter is going to love you for this (though my walls might not...)

  2. Ooh I miss read that as edible pants ! Never mind it still made me read it. What a great idea, my youngest loved to paint.


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