Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My new Easywalker June!

It's here it's here! I was so very very excited to receive my new Easywalker June the other day. I had a lovely conversation with the wonderful and very helpful Isabella who ran me through the workings of my new trendy pushchair...

My initial thoughts are how comfortable it is for my son. The seat is much more padded than what he's used to which can only be a good thing. From our point of view, because we are tall it is the first time we haven't had to stoop as the handles are extendable.

We went on a country walk on Saturday and it handles very nicely especially on rough ground. The small tyres will take some getting used to on pavements but I think that's just a practice thing. It folds up beautifully and would work really well in any car.

I'll be posting regular updates about the June so come back of you want to hear more!


  1. Thanks!

    Have you tried it in parent facing? I hear it doesn't tip very easily.

    I love the look of this pushchair but nowhere is stocking it anywhere near me.

    How is the basket?


  2. Thanks for your comments. I haven't yet tried it parent facing as I think my son might object, but I'll see what it's like. The pushchair is available in several shops I'm going to write a post about that very soon.


  3. Thanks.

    So far they are all in the north west. I'm south east. Trying to persuade a local shop to stock it.

    Looks great in your pictures.

    This is our first so unsure of what we need. Short list so far is the bugaboo bee, uppababy cruz and the June.

    I'll keep an eye out for future posts. :-)


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