Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Top 5 Womens Shoes for Busy Mums in Autumn/Winter

Sadly for the busiest of mums, style is often forced to take a backseat to comfort when shopping for footwear. Practicality is key, however when it comes to womens shoes for the colder months ahead, even fashionable footwear can still support a mum who constantly has to be on her feet. If you’re in search of the right balance of style and comfort, take a peek at Next UK for a great selection of womens shoes for the autumn and winter. For mums who need a gentle nudge in the right direction, here are the top 5 shoe styles all mums should have in her wardrobe:
1. Ballet Flats
The ultimate in practicality, every mum should own at least one pair of ballet flats. With no heels to worry about, these stylish womens shoes are easy on eyes as well on the feet and back. Though they are a wardrobe staple, it doesn’t mean they have to be plain or simple. The Leopard Print Asymmetric Point Ballerinas (pictured) from Next literally make the point apparent. The gorgeous animal print and unusual design demonstrate the range of styles available for a ballerina flat.
The Leopard Print Asymmetric Point Ballerinas

2. Flat Fashion Boots
Indisputably, autumn is the season of the boot. Busy mums can keep their feet dry and fashionable in a pair of flat leather boots. Get some boots made for walking (and running after toddlers!) like celeb mum Gwen Stefani.
3. Trainers With a Twist
For mums who are constantly on their feet, trainers tend to be the go to choice. Luckily no other footwear choice could be more practical or on trend. This season has seen a great vogue for sporty kicks following the great success of the Summer 2012 Olympics. Not all fashion trainers are created equal, so if you’re feeling glam, go for a pair of glittery high tops.
4. Cosy Slippers
A snug pair of fur-lined slippers is the comfort wear of choice for those priceless, quiet moments and a bit of mummy me-time. As the mornings and nights grow colder, warm slippers will surely become indispensible.
5. Feel Good Heels
Even the busiest of mums need a show stopping pair of heels for no other reason than for their feel-good factor. Practicality counts for little on a great girl’s night out, so be sure to keep at least one pair of killer heels on hand.


  1. I'm with you on the boots - it's one of my favourite things about fall! I love ballet flats, but I find they look strange on me so I buy them for my daughter instead. I'm usually in either boots or trainers.

    1. So with you on the ballet pumps, they look strange on me too! I am convinced they make my thighs look massive though have no proof of this so think it's purely psychological! Boots are far more flattering, esp with skinny jeans, perfect for day or night!

  2. What a refreshing post. when I first read your tweet, I thought as a busy single working mom of two juggling it all here in NY I would be so behind the times of what's trendy and hot for us women. I'm pleased to learn that I was not at all off base. In fact I have quite a wonderful shoe collection that is hip and up to date. Thanks Pret-a-mummy. I am very interested in the shoe sponsor for this post. I see they are in the US as well. Can you put me in touch with someone there? I'd like to discuss synergies with In Our Shoes! thx for the tweet!

    1. Thanks Marisa, I'll put you in touch, send me an email to remind me though! I think it would work really well with the In Your Shoes series, love that! x


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